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Hello ladies! I just wanted to share an experience with y'all from Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC. I went there to try on dresses for the first time. They had a large selection, my consultant was very helpful, and I found a few I liked. I ended up buying my dress elsewhere. 

This is really about my FSIL. She bought her dress at Bridal Mart. She had a great experience the entire process. UNTIL, her wedding day. She opted to have Bridal Mart do her alterations. These alterations cost $350 for cups being sewn in and a hem. On her wedding day she kept saying something was poking her. Later that night she took her dress off and found SAFETY PINS holding the layer of crinoline up. $300 alterations for SAFETY PINS!

She has complained to Bridal Mart and they refuse to reimburse her for temporary alterations and she has been told that was overreacting and unreasonable. This is the worst example of customer service I have ever heard of. The shopping experience was fine but I would never let them do my alterations. Honestly, I would avoid the store in general if that is how they like to treat well paying customers.

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