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Topiary table numbers?

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We are having an indoor garden themed wedding and I'm DIYing most things for the wedding to save on costs. I'm pretty crafty when it comes to jewelry, costumes or product models but I have no experience in making anything wedding or decor related.

I saw topiary numbers and a little tutorial on how to do them recently. I really like the idea as it fits with our theme. The tutorial that I found uses sheets of moss but I have loose reindeer moss. I'm sure that I can still make the topiary numbers with the loose moss but I'm wondering if anyone else has done this or something similar (topiary trees, animals, etc) and has tips. Any suggestions/advice helps! Thank you!

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Re: Topiary table numbers?

  • I've made a topiary before and it was really easy. Loose moss would be a bit more difficult than other materials because you'll have attach it with straight pins and then try to hide the heads without your moss falling back off.

    The biggest PITA was getting it to stand up straight - the kit I used came with clay, but eventually the thing started to lean and fall over. Sturdy foam would be a better bet to spear your stick into.

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    I've made topiary letters. I just hot glued the moss right on. It looked great. I tried one with sheet moss, and it looked a little flat. Not poofy and mossy enough. I ended up adding more moss. 
    (There we are again, Lolo.)
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