VA and NC Christmas Tree Farms

My fiancé and I are torn between a spring plantation wedding and an autumn Christmas tree farm wedding. We're leaning more toward the Christmas tree farm idea, but having a more difficult time finding reasonably priced venues. Any suggestions for this location in either VA or NC?

Thank you!

Re: VA and NC Christmas Tree Farms

  • I'm going to move this to those local boards and leave a link here.

    Good luck!

    [Deleted User]
  • Sawyer Family Farmstead in Glenville, near Cashiers, is a Christmas Tree Farm and wedding venue that would fit the bill. Book quickly though because October is the most popular month in the mountains!
    jay788[Deleted User]
  • Haven't been on here in quite some time and still having trouble finding a Christmas Tree farm outdoor venue for both the ceremony and reception. Help?
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