Wedding Woes


1.  We've had a lot of fog lately.  And not just regular fog that goes away pretty early.  This stuff is lasting until 11am sometimes and is THICK.  Like, I feel like I'm living in Silent Hill.  ::looking around for map and wooden plank::

2.  I made granola bars yesterday.  They're delicious, but they're more scotcharoo than granola bar.  I should have known better than to make "granola bars" with rice krispies.  Whatever, they're yummy.

3.  I'm putting off my trip to Target because I don't want to get dressed or put makeup on.

Re: Randoms

  • 1.  Today is our first day of fog.  Can you say "creepy"?  I'm a jobsite that you can usually see all the way up the road, right now?  Barely past the nearest intersection.  WEIRD.

    2.  Mmmm.  Mail me some, k?

    3.  That is my whole weekend, usually.  :)

    4.  I don't have any that I can think of...d'oh!

  • 1.  I got a new haircut.  I'm very meh about it.  It feels like the "I'm almost 40" haircut.  Everyone keeps saying it looks cute, but I feel like "...for an almost 40 year told" in the end part of the sentence.  This is my own difficulty, I understand that.  I'm just in the middle of something that I'm ready to be out of.  Like, I wish 40 would just farking get here so I can stop being morose about it.  Which I never expected myself to be, BTW, which I'm also struggling with.  

    Well, that ended up being a depressing confessional.  :D

    2.  I'm looking forward to this weekend.  DH is finally coming around to being more social and getting out, which is really nice.

    3.  I signed up for NaNoWriMo.  I pulled out all my old college writing notebooks.  I'm rather eager to re-explore that part of myself again.  I wasn't too shabby and I'm amazed at all the notes, ideas, and stuff I saved from writing.
  • 1. I wish we got fog. It's supposed to be 95 degrees today. Although next week it's going to be high 70's which will be nice for ToT.

    2. I am so tired of not having a kitchen. By the end of the weekend, I will have it back and I'm dreaming of eating salad for days. Eatign out is gross. I'd like a homemade granola bar.

    3. I haven't worn makeup in weeks. It's making me sad.
  • We went to the library and I about scared myself with how awful I looked.  I didn't even put on a real bra.

  • Random vent- I always made a priority to see MIL once a month because she liked it.  Now that sFIL is retired he always comes along.  With GFIL's passing GMIL is now coming along too.  These used to be simple things but now it's becoming more of a production.
  • V, I understand what you mean, but it's all good once 40 comes. I can't believe I'm enjoying 41 so much. I really love my life. The love life situation could be sooooo much better, but that's my only complaint really. Oh. And the kid thing, but that doesn't even get me down like it once did.




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    tawillers said:

    3.  I'm putting off my trip to Target because I don't want to get dressed or put makeup on.
    @tawillers - go to Walmart, and nobody will notice. 

    1) I just binge watched "RussianDolls" on youtube over the last week. i think it fell somewhere between Jersey Shore/The Real World and one of the Real Housewives shows, only with a thicker accent. I'd give it a 5/10 for entertainment value. 

    2) I won $310 in my 6mo DietBet - so net $185 winning - not too shabby! excited about losing the weight and winning the money. I might set it aside for a shopping spree when i'm closer to my goal weight. 

    3) DK is going to a brewing event tomorrow, so I might take Wolverine out for a movie/girls' day. 

    4) We're going to the puplkin patch/farm on Sunday - I'm looking forward to getting Wolverine's picture in their field of flowers, just like I have the past few years. 
  • 1. I could not get in for a cut/color/wax until next weekend.  I'm in dire need of a new hair cut/style. It made me irrationally pissy that I couldn't get in until Saturday.  

    2. I'm hoping DH gets home early today and takes the kiddo to go do something.  The kiddo's boredom is killing me.  He was supposed to go stay with a friend and his friend got sick (bronchitis), so he's been extra pleasurable to be around. 

    3. We're having people over this weekend and next weekend and maybe even the following weekend. I'm excited to have the space to have people over.  I'll be even more excited when my new furniture gets here. 

    4. I'm torn between getting shopping done tonight or tomorrow morning.  I'm meeting my mom tomorrow for some shopping, but I have to take DefConn with me.  If I run out tonight, either we'll all go together OR I can go alone.  

    5. I need someone to take my debit card away.  I keep spending ALL THE MONEY.  I need to rein it in...but I want stuff, LOL.  (It's really not that bad, you just buy so much stuff when you move and I have less cold weather stuff than I thought I had, so I need to do some filling in)
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