Whimsical Welcomes flowers - Wow!

I've been stalking these boards for a long time and have appreciated the vendor suggestions so many of you have made.  Last night I had my first meeting with Leslie of Whimsical Welcomes and was so impressed with her presentation.  She works out of her home so we were able to meet in the evening at my convenience, which was nice.  The meeting was very low key and she is really a creative lady.   Before we even met she sent me a questionnaire to fill out so that she knew more about me.  Then she sent me some flower homework which I actually enjoyed doing.  It was a list of flowers in season for my wedding which was extremely helpful.  She used to teach third grade so she just naturally explains everything so well.  She had marked photos of her flowers I might like in her many albums.  She had lots of sketches she made for me and set up samples of some of the centerpieces in her workshop.  Being a really visual person I really liked that. No other florist that I met with sketched or did anything like that. My mom and I were there for three hours which went really fast. I even went home with flowers!  She charges $25,00 for a meeting but it is really worth it. It's only $15 if you bring a donation for the SPCA.   I hired her on the spot because she nailed what I wanted at reasonable prices.  I had a hard time choosing from her many ideas. She even had DIY ideas for me.   She said my budget will not be a problem and we can change anything I like. She has lots of great money saving ideas and is very budget friendly.   She creates a personalized worksheet for everyone so it's easy to communicate by email and tweak whatever needs to be changed.  She doesn't even do a contract until the worksheet is financially okay.  I should get my worksheet in a couple of days with my total prices but I couldn't wait to let other brides know about her.  Whoever posted about Leslie - thank you so much!

Re: Whimsical Welcomes flowers - Wow!

  • I used Whimsical Welcomes and I agree.  Leslie is wonderful.  I was so happy with my flowers.  She did a great job on the day of my wedding and was so responsive and helpful before my wedding.  I highly recommend her.  And she is very good with a budget too.
  • I could not agree more! Used her for our wedding 10-19-14. My bouquet is actually still alive and looks great!!
  • I'm even more excited now since I saw the posts.  I got my estimate from Leslie in about 4 days and she was $350.00 under budget! 
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