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Cakes/Desserts for 225 ppl

Does anyone have recommendations for inexpensive cakes or dessert ideas for about 225 people?  I'm hoping to spend around 300.  I do have a tree nut allergy so if anyone knows of places that don't use any almond flavoring, that'd be awesome!


Re: Cakes/Desserts for 225 ppl

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    With that budget - you'll be lucky if Sam's Club can accommodate!  Walmart is more expensive than that for their wedding cakes and neither one delivers which is something you DO NOT want to be dealing with. 

    There are reasonable yet really good bakers in the cities, but your budget needs to be adjusted if you want to use anyone outside of a "big box" or grocery store.  I would highly recommend Denny's Bakery down in Bloomington for awesome cake on a reasonable budget, not sure of their ability to accommodate the nut allergy issue though, but it's still going to be difficult to accommodate 225 guests on a $300 budget. 

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    This whole cake thing is probably one of the hardest issues we've run in to this far.  We're open to various desserts too but spending $600+ on dessert seems absurd.  I can get ceiling draping for that! We're willing to go over $300, I just don't want to shell out too much more than that.  
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    Do you have a Costco membership? Their sheet cakes are really reasonable. I think the 48 piece cakes are ~$20. Not sure on allergen status though.
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    I got bars from PJ Murphy's in St. Paul (full disclosure: a friend of mine works there) and they were $1.10 each (in liners) - so if you got 25% over your guest count that would be 280-ish, which would put you just over 300, but before tax and delivery (curse you tax and delivery!!) They are a small joint so you could ask them about almond flavoring??

    Everything was really delicious too...we did seasonal dessert for a fall wedding, so pumpkin and apple bars, along with some chocolate :) 

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