October 2015 Weddings


So we've moved the day up by one and decided on 10.3.15 instead of 10.4.15. Our venue is available on both days and we figured it would be easier on our guests to travel to a Saturday wedding instead of Sunday. By travel, it's about 1.5 hrs from where a majority of the guests live.

We are having a small wedding (30 people including ourselves). Our reception will be at a restaurant local to the area - not planning on a dj but hope to have some kind of music during dinner (will have to check on that). We have the space from 4:30-7:30 and will most likely be done before the 3 hours are up since it's just dinner and cake.

Super low key but we'll definitely hit up some of the local bars with our guests after. My first wedding was a little crazy and so was my first marriage. I'm looking forward to a low key yet fun celebration with family and close friends - and hoping the marriage follows suit ;)

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