Wedding Dress Cleaning

Hello married ladies!

I have had "get wedding dress cleaned" on my to-do list for 5 months now.... I wasn't in a rush because I didn't feel like shelling out the money after the wedding/honeymoon and it's not like I'm going to wear it again. 

I'm finally ready to bring it somewhere but don't know where to take it. My dress is lace and the bottom got pretty dirty since we took some photos on the beach. I don't need it preserved, but at least want it nice and clean. Any suggestions? How much does this cost anyways?


Re: Wedding Dress Cleaning

  • I got mine done at Dependable Cleaners (I dropped it off at a Boston location but they all apparently go to the wedding specialist shop).  It was $300 and mine was minimally dirty.  I asked for it to be returned to me hung and they returned it in a preservation box, which is super annoying because it is crazy wrinkled s/p being shoved in the box and I was thinking of selling it.  Although it does take up significantly less room in the box than hung in the closet.  I got a quote from another store in the Boston area that also quoted $300.  Mine was organza with beading.

    In the end, it ended up being a significant percentage of the cost of the dress to get it cleaned so I'm not sure I'm super thrilled about having it done.  Still haven't decided if I want to sell it or do something else with it (have heard you can play to have it sewn into a quilt, which is the other thing i'm considering).
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