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Hello to my fellow brides-to-be!!!! Planning a wedding is a lot of work. What advice would you give to a future bride-to-be? What did you learn from this experience?

As for my advice, less is better especially when it comes to bridal party. I thought that it would be great having my close friends as my BM but after this process, I have learned who my real friends are. People did tell me this at the beginning but obviously I didn't agree. I have so many examples but it is too long to type lol

Ladies, I know that this can be stressful but just know the real reason why you are getting married....because you want to spend the rest of your life with your loving and caring husband ♡Wedding is only a day but marriage is a lifetime.

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    My fave saying on TK is this:

    "Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine."

    Some people bring drama...and want to make it your drama too.  Try not to give in to this.

    Schedule non-wedding time.  Don't become obsessed with weddings.  It can consume you.

    Little things can and do go wrong...and that's okay!

    Be flexible.  Don't freak out, make a new plan.  Duck and weave!

    Remember who you are.  And when the wedding comes and goes, and when the whirlwind dies down, and when life is your new normal, you'll be able to find that person you were pre-wedding again.  (I'm not there quite yet, but I am keeping this on my mind all the time!)

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    I still have 34 days to go but with all the reading I have done, and a little bit of experience I have had:

    1. Everyone gets a seat, everyone gets adequate free food, and everyone gets completely free drinks (NO CASH BARS). Either you can afford to properly host your guests or you can't afford to properly hosts your guests - there's no gray! If you can't afford a full dinner, don't have your wedding during dinner time...or cut your guest list down so you can afford it.

    2. If you want 100% control over your wedding details then you pay for 100% of your wedding. Anyone who pays has a say. Even if you think there won't be stipulations to accepting the money, things change and people have opinions.

    3. No One is EXPECTED to pay for anything except for you. If someone is gracious enough to pay for something (even more so if they don't attach stipulations), be grateful and happy - don't bitch or be a brat about how you need/want/expect more!

    4. Don't budget for money that you don't have in hand. Unexpected things happen, or people don't follow through, so if you don't have the money in your bank account, don't plan on having it to use.

    5. There will be some rough waters! Somewhere along the way, from the time you start planning even until after the wedding, something upsetting, unexpected, or stressful will happen...and you just have to shrug it off. The whole point of the wedding is that you and your significant other are getting married. So as long as that happens, mission accomplished!!! :)

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    My first thought was LESS IS MORE.  I wish our guestlist had been half as much.  I wish we'd scaled back the venue.  Etc etc.  My friend is about to get engaged so we talk about wedding stuff, and I'm trying to talk her into Vegas or a destination.

    One thing I realize is, GETTING MARRIED is more important than who is there to see it happen.  Guests are great, I love my family and friends and whatnot.. but at the end of the day, it's about a marriage, not a party.

    Although, I hate when people say, "it's just a party, it's stupid to spend money on it" because truly exceptional relationships do deserve a celebration.

    Moving on,
    DIY is overrated (unless you have a super creative brain--I'm relatively creative but I still changed my mind on centerpieces 8 times)
    Trust your gut on vendors--don't let people peer pressure you into using vendors that their mom's cousin's daughter's boss used.  I hated that, people seem to get personally offended when you don't use their suggestions.
    Regarding bridal party-don't add people to try to make people happy.  For this reason, I have six bridesmaids instead of what should really have been four.  I know, it's almost embarrassing to say that I gave into any sort of social pressure LOL.

    Okay that's all I can think of right now.  :)
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    Oh.. one more thing.  Honeymoon is worth it.  Do it.  I am soooooo exciiiiiiited!
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