Vow renewal in renovated university chapel?

I originally posted this in the vow renewal board but I love the student board because I am very young (24) and got married on campus a few months after I graduated so I was on this board a lot back then.

My husband and I married 2 years ago at the chapel on our university campus where we met. We were very fortunate that the renovation of the 100+ year old chapel was delayed for a year, because it was originally slated to occur when we wanted to get married. The university is very important to us and a major part of our lives together, so we couldn't see ourselves getting married anywhere else.

The chapel renovation is finished now, and I have always thought that it would be nice to renew our vows in the new chapel. The renovation includes a lot of symbolic elements from the university. I think it would be really awesome to take my husband for a picnic on the campus one day and surprise him by having a vow renewal in the new chapel.

I know most people frown upon vow renewals happening before 10 years or so but I don't want to invite anyone at all. I want it to be completely private and to have a sweet way of commemorating our marriage in the chapel and bring it full circle to the new one to celebrate our commitment to each other and to the place. Should I pursue this or is it not a good idea? Would people be offended for not being invited or would they think we were silly for doing it in the first place? I personally don't see why there is anything wrong with doing a private vow renewal at any time in your marriage but I wanted to get some outside perspectives.
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