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Buy a Wedding Dress Now or after Baby!!??!!

My Wedding is about a year from now, October 2015, and I am 17 weeks pregnant. The baby is due in the beginning of April of next year so that gives me a little over 6 months to get back down to my normal size. Should I buy a dress now or wait until after the baby?? I have all of my measurements from before the baby and figured I could at least find something I liked and have it altered a little closer to the date. Someone please help :) Thanks!

Re: Buy a Wedding Dress Now or after Baby!!??!!

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    I agree with the above poster. You never really know how your body shape may change after a baby. I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight but never my same shape.

    I purchased a bridesmaid gown while pregnant with plans to wear it 5 months after delivering. The alteration needs were a nightmare. I would not put myself through that as a bride.

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

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    After.  Your taste may also change since it's a semi-long time away and your life is changing a lot right now.
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    I say after as well..too many things may change and alterations can really add up!  Plus there is the chance that the dress can't be altered to fit and you will be out the money on the dress and still need to find another one!
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    Wait until after and buy off the rack. Your measurements can change SO much, and may never go back to pre-baby. (And it's not a matter of weight - your hips can spread and stay that way.) If you're planning on nursing, your chest could be a lot bigger. If you bought now, you'd want to buy a few sizes larger just in case, then pay a fortune in alterations.
    Ditto all of this.  Also, your rib cage could possibly get larger. I know a woman whose rib cage expanded from the baby pushing up in there. Alterations to shrink or expand in that area can be especially pricey.  And there may not be enough material to let the dress out.
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    I had this problem, only I'm getting married 3 months after her birth. I went out when I was 6 months pregnant and got a corset back dress. It works great because my boss is still shrinking and even after a month (start of alterations to now) I'm still loosing weight.

    being that you have 6 months after birth I'd wait until about 3 months postpartum when a lot of the "settling" has done, especially if you go with a zipper back.
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