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Hi! I am looking for a venue that can fit 250-300 guests in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Preferably like old mansion look which seems to be combat the guest list number :)  Any suggestions would be great!


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  • It's not a mansion but the Foundry in Phoenixville can fit that many people.  It's beautiful  Manor House at Commonwealth Golf Course has a beautiful Farmhouse and a large ballroom.  I don't know how many it seats but check out and you'll see the capacity of a lot of places.   I've been to weddings at both and the food was great at both places.  Robert Ryan did the catering at the Foundry.
  • RiverCrest Golf Club in Phoenixville can fit that number. Of course, the 250 end would be much more comfortable than the 300 end, but it's doable and beautiful. Plus, the food is amazing, the staff is great, and there are lots of places for great photos! 
  • I'm getting married at the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia and they can hold 300+ inside and out.  True, it's not *technically* in a suburb, but it's out of the way of Center City and really accessible- just across from Citizens Bank/Lincoln Field in FDR Park- and there's tons of free parking.  It's really gorgeous, and you get the benefit of it being architecturally stunning, the whimsical museum collections, and it's just steps away from a pretty lake & gazebo.  We're getting married inside, and they have a grand staircase lined with murals, so it's pretty snazzy.  A nice blend of elegant and fun :)

    They're relatively new to hosting weddings, but if you want some pics of the space DM me.  I just went to an open house and they had it all jazzed up.

    Good luck!
  • Hi, not sure if you found a venue, but for those looking I completely second the suggestion of the American Swedish Historical Museum.  The museum is gorgeous and having FDR park as the backdrop really gives it an "out of the city" feel, despite being in South Philly.  They have a lot of space for your wedding (mine is only 125 guests) and are amazing to work with. Plus, the food of Jeffery Miller Catering is absolutely delicious!
  • i have to agree with the two posters above...I am using Jeffrey Miller catering as well (not a the Swedish Museum but at a different venue) and they are amazing.  The food is seriously the best around--fresh, unique, farm to table.  AMAZING.  They also do an incredible job with presentation, decor, etc.  You cannot go wrong with using them, and they have so many different venues in the area--you are bound to find one that can accomodate and that you will like!
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    While I am not getting married at the ASM, I thought I would chime in about the venue and the caterer for anyone who might still be looking for a similar venue as jes476.  I visited the venue over Christmas for an event and the space totally got me in this Christmas spirit with the grand staircase that is in the entrance of the museum.  I can imagine some pretty nice photo ops there and around the grounds, especially after seeing more photos of weddings on this website -  While the ASM is technically in the city, there is a great deal of green space around the venue because it is located south of all of the hub-bub, so in my mind, that means a little less stress.  If you’ve been considering the suburbs, one thing to think about with the ASM is that you could still easily use one of the many greats restaurants closer to Center City for your rehearsal dinner and choose a convenient hotel there too.  I am in the midst of planning my own wedding in the true suburbs and sometimes wish I were closer to those options.  As for the other details, Jeffrey A Miller (JAM) Catering is tied to the ASM and I am using them for my wedding at one of their other, smaller venues in October - the Anthony Wayne House.  My fiancé and I had gone to a JAM wedding at the Tyler Arboretum a couple of years ago and loved the food.  After meeting with JAM and learning about their farm-to-table menu, we felt it was not only delicious but that it also pairs nicely with the natural/classic/slightly vintage-rustic decor we are going for.  So I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in October.  JAM hosts open houses at their venues pretty regularly, so I suggest checking them out.
  • If you are looking to get details on potential wedding venues like the indoor and outdoor capacity, I agree with the commenter above - check out This was such a great resource to my fiancé and me as we begin the search for the perfect wedding venue. Using partyspace, we stumbled upon the John James Audubon Center (another Jeffrey Miller venue) and absolutely fell in love. In addition to the fact that the venue is a natural beauty, Jeffrey Miller Catering is absolutely top-notch. We had our tasting earlier this month and still cannot get over how delicious everything was. We can't wait to pick our menu. Anyway, you'll find a ton of the venues on partyspace. Best of luck in the search!
  • Check out Normandy Farms in Blue Bell. There Grand Ballroom holds 300. The nice thing about this venue is they have 140 hotel rooms on property. Its not exactly the old mansion look but its not the traditional ballroom look either.

  • Pen ryn estate can hold up to 600 people (according to wedding and is a beautiful mansion on the delware river! Definitely worth a look! 
  • Oh I looked at the American Swedish Historical Museum and it is GORGEOUS! It was not exactly what I wanted, so I wound up booking another JAM venue, but it was very tempting. 

    Honestly, all of the JAM venues are amazing! Not only do you get their delicious, farm-to-table food, but you also get a coordinator to work with you to help plan the food and the details. They really cannot be beat!
  • I am getting married at John James Audubon Center, and would highly recommend it! They can hold about 250-300 guests, and the venue is absolutely beautiful. It is rustic and they have different areas you can utilize (outdoor space, open air pavilion, barn) for both your ceremony and reception. The staff there is amazing and very attentive. JJAC works exclusively with Jeffrey Miller Catering, who is also wonderful! We had our tasting and were blown away by the fresh ingredients and menu options offered. I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the JAM venues! 
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