Wedding Woes


How was the weekend?  I'm pretty sure mine couldn't have been better.

Friday night Ianded a super simple job that should cover most of our groceries. 

Saturday DH made sausage gravy and biscuits and we lazed around a bit.  I took the kids to a neighbor's bday party.  DH cleaned out the garage and ran some errands.  We also experimented smoking chicken.

Sunday we carved pumpkins then had family pictures.  I hope, hope, hope they turn out.  The setting was gorgeous, Max was being a stinker though.  There were about 4 other groups there taking photos. It was kind of funny to see them sizing each other up. 


Re: Monday

  • Friday-DH got off work early, so I headed out as soon as I clocked out to run errands. 

    Saturday-Lots of running around.The kiddo's friend from our old neighborhood came and spent the night.  

    Sunday-My sisters came over to see the house and watch football.  We moved furniture around to accomodate our new furniture coming today.  I need to call and find out what time they're due to come out. 
  • Friday was a wash for me. Worked then took PF to physical therapy. Came home and collapsed.

    Saturday we got costume pieces together for the Halloween party we're going to on November 8th. We've scrapped Ghostbusters and we're going to be Marty McFly, Jennifer, and PF will be Doc Brown.

    Sunday was spent at our nephew's birthday party.
  • worked on Friday (BOOOoooo) to do chem
    Saturday, the kiddo and I met up w/ the grandparents to do a halloween thing...which was a bust.
    (there were candy stations at a festival to trick-or-treat @ businesses.  There was a line literally around the block for each station.  But Buffy attacked a gutter full of leaves w/ her wonderwoman sword and so, she had fun)

    Sunday we did all the rest of fall stuff.  leaf pile.  yard clean up.  carve pumpkins.

    Oh, and 6 years ago, when my grandma died, I was given marigold seeds at her funeral.  I've saved the seeds and re-planted every year since.
    Guess whose husband doesn't know the damn difference between marigolds and chrysanthemums?  he very carefully left the mums, and tore out the marigolds.
    I'm not pissed--it was an accident and all that jazz (although how a smart person can be so dumb re: plants--I mean, really dumb re: plants.  We have gone over this information hundreds of times, I'd swear).  I'm just a bit upset.  And new marigolds/seeds doesn't fix it, ya know?
  • I'm sorry GB.  I'd be upset too.

    I started some Christmas shopping too.  6let's school does an art project that you can have made into different things.  It's actually a pretty cool picture so I had it made into trivets for the grands.  I have an oven mitt project I already bought the stuff for and I'm going to stuff the mitts with restaurant gift cards. 

  • Saturday we had Boo at the Zoo.  The girls had a blast and the weather was gorgeous.

    Since it was so nice I decided to get my shit together and get the family to a park to take some pictures.  I figured we wouldn't have another nice day like that for the rest of the year (except today is supposed to be just as nice, maybe nicer).  I got what I wanted - a family shot, the kids together, and the kids individually.  All of the grandmas will be happy.  :)

    Yesterday I locked myself in the bathroom and deep cleaned for an hour.  It gets cleaned regularly, of course, but it's just so much better when I can get every little thing.
  • Weekend was mostly good.

    Friday had dinner with friends, H was tired and kinda whiney about it, but still a good sport and was kind enough to DD for me.  :)    PS--VarunaTT:  H is becoming a fan of Glenlivet---weird.

    Saturday was early up for H, went to breakfast with my family, ran around and looked at appliances a few places, then was home for the evening.  H and I just hung out that evening---I actually can't remember what we did.  We cleaned up the siding/cables on the house, then ran around and got a few things, looked at Sears for appliances, and went home. 

    Sunday was even quieter, I did literally NOTHING, but packed a few boxes.  Had dinner with my Aunt/Uncle, then lounged around the rest of the evening. 

  • They're here with my new furniture! 

  • I want to see pics of the new stuff!
  • Pics coming. :)

    And I got an escrow refund check from my last house in the mail today. 

    AND I killed a bee that had gotten into the house without being stung. (He would not go outside and bees freak me out.)

    Happy Monday to me! :)
  • My kids are killing me. Friday night I don't even remember what we did. I do know I was tired. Saturday, I got up early with them then we met up with my parents. I put DD down for a nap at their house then went to IKEA and got rugs and a few other things. Then got the kids and took them to a fall fest at their church. Horrible- DD napped for a hour (not long enough) and DS was just an asshole. Went back to their house and ate dinner. DS was still an asshole so we went home. Sunday was a little better and we did more work on the house. All the tile is done- grouted and sealed. The painting is done in the playroom, hallway, and our living/dining room. I just have the great room and kitchen to finish. Today our trim is supposed to be delivered and then my dad is coming tomorrow to cut it all.
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