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Moonlight Tango Wedding Dress?

Hi All! I'm a newly engaged bride beginning my wedding dress search. I found a large selection of Moonlight Tango wedding dresses on's dress search that according to them are in price range (ultimately under $800, but they say even under $500). I love some of the dresses which seem a bit too good to be true! I am planning on contacting a few local retailers to find out more about prices etc. but I was wondering has anyone tried on any of these dresses or even purchased one that could let me know app. price ranges and how they liked them? Thanks!

Re: Moonlight Tango Wedding Dress?

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    I will say that while looking at dresses on's dress search, the designer I fell in love with had a price range of $$ ($600-$1500 I believe) on the dresses I loved most. When I went to a store with a very large selection of sample dresses, the marked down samples of the designer I loved were still more than double (starting at $2000-$3000) what theknot led me to believe. So I would say still look at local stores, but be prepared that a particular designer may be out of your budget. HOWEVER - know that there are thousands of dresses out there that are gorgeous and the dress you ultimately buy may not be what you expected. When I did get to try on the dress I've been dreaming about for 6 months, I actually didn't even like it at all! Go figure. Just keep an open mind.
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    Thanks Carrie! Great advice. I did check around on tradesy etc. to see what other brides had purchased some of them for and saw they were definitely a range of prices (some around $600 some more) so I suppose it also depends on the store! I'm definitely going to go in with an open mind and just try stuff on in different styles. Thanks again for the heads up!
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