Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)

I've recently started looking at venues and this was one I found I heard that the pricing is reasonable.  I wanted to know if they give you tables and chairs or you have to rent them.  I really like the look of this place so if you know of any other areas like this let me know!! 


Re: Tea Barn at Fair Hill (Elkton, MD)

  • I recently contacted them and this is the information I was given on the venue - 

    "The Tea Barn is a two-story barn located at the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area in Fair Hill, Maryland.  The following is some information regarding the barn:

    Rental Price: $400 (Three-day rental)

    Security Deposit: $300 (Refunded when building is put back in order)

    Paddock: $150 (For Wedding Ceremonies)

    Reservation Fee: $10 (Reservations can be made up to one year in advance)

    Alcohol Permit: $35 (If you plan to serve alcohol)

    Capacity: 125 people

    No Smoking in Barn

    No Heating or Air Conditioning

    No Kitchen Facilities

    Tables and Chairs are included  (8 ft banquet tables)

    Building closes at 10pm

    Basically, we just lease the building.  You would be responsible for your entire set-up and tear-day, hence the three-day rental.   You would arrange for your own food, music, flowers, etc.

    In addition, we do not accept reservations outside of one year in advance." 

    I know someone who got married there last month, and she said the chairs they provide are ugly, so if you plan on using them, to also plan on buying/renting chair covers. Hope this helps! 

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