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June 7, 2015 ... Coming up like a speeding train

Hi All,
 I've lurked on other boards for a while but this is my first post here. I am excited and a little nervous. I got a late start on the wedding planning. My fiance and I got engaged on September 27, 2014 almost 7 months to the day we started dating (February 28, 2014). Anyway, our wedding will be on June 7, 2015. I'm quickly relizing how fast time flies when you are wedding planning, working full-time, and carrying on a long distance relationship (he's in the military). Anyways, hello all and especially hello to the June 7th brides. So far I've got the venue and caterer (came with the venue), and I have an appointment for the dress. Any other biggies I should take care of like now?

Re: June 7, 2015 ... Coming up like a speeding train

  • Photographers and DJs book quickly, good luck!
  • Yay for another June 7 bride! 217 days to go!

    Definitely second needing a photographer ASAP. That is probably the biggest and most important thing. DJs can book up too depending on how picky you are about that. If you need exotic transportation--i.e. something other than your standard stretch limo, I'd look into that now simply because there are fewer of them, and if you're picky about flowers, I'd get on a florist too. I had a couple I contacted a few weeks back already be booked up for that date (Boston area). 

    Good luck and happy planning!
  • Hello from another June 7th bride. I tried to get the venue, photog, caterer and florist decided by the end of 2014. We got engaged in October and I understand the busy as I work full time (requiring 50% travel) and am in school for my MBA. Thankful my FI enjoys being involved with the wedding planning so that helps tons. 

    The only other thing that I started hearing a lot about was to get my dress ordered as I knew I would need time for alterations. My hips are about 2-3 sizes larger than my bust and waist!
  • Hello from another June 7th bride! So exciting! Have you thought about whether you will be getting your hair and makeup done? If you haven't yet chosen a salon, I would definitely do that now.
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