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The kiddo started school yesterday.  :) I think it went well for the most part.  They were having issues with the scheduling system, so he didn't get his classes until the end of the day.  There were other kids that were starting, so he wasn't alone in the office by himself.   He said he met some nice kids.   ::fingers crossed:: that he gets plugged in with new buds and feels 'at home' there.  He did meet some neighbor kids over this past weekend and they seemed to click.  They're a year younger than him. 

DH met the people who are building behind us.  He said they were nice, but the guy launched into talking about property lines.  If they get stupid, we'll be putting up a fence.  Even if they don't get stupid, we're probably going to put up a fence eventually.  I met the people next to us (their backyard backs into our side yard).  They were super nice too.  They have 4 (OMG) boys ranging from 4 to 12.  I did get the scoop from her on our house's history and that the people who lived here before us (2012 into 2013, they tried rent to own and couldn't get financing) and I guess they weren't very friendly/neighborly. 

The suck part of a long driveway is having to walk down the rain.  Luckily, we love the kiddo enough to sit in the car with him to wait for the bus.  :) 

Re: Rainy Tuesday

  • Yay for kiddo making new friends.  That's nice that there are others starting at the same time.  You are sweet to drive him to the bus stop in the rain.

    Property lines:  I know grown-ups have to dot their i's and cross their t's, but there are very few things less interesting to me than property lines.  My eyes are glazing over just imagining that conversation.
  • Good news bad news- bad news is they are trying to sell dh's department. Good news is they offered him a retention bonus. That's good on two levels: one they like him and would most likely stay after buyout, two it's a four part structure with some good bank along the way. Even of they don't sell he can make money.
  • Heffalump said:

    Property lines:  I know grown-ups have to dot their i's and cross their t's, but there are very few things less interesting to me than property lines.  My eyes are glazing over just imagining that conversation.
    I'm glad I wasn't there for it at all.  It happened Friday.  DH got off work early and as soon as I got off work, I ran out the door to go shopping alone (TJ's, Costco, Target).  I'm like you, I couldn't give less of a fuck about that conversation. 

    But the other part of it is that we have the biggest lot of anyone around us.  The empty lot next to us is an acre and the lots behind us in the neighborhood are half to 3/4 acre.  We have 1.15 acres and we just moved out of a vinyl village where we had a postage stamp yard, so we're really, really not worried about playing a game of inches. 

    However, it does make me want to go back to the county website and scrutinize our lot dimensions...It does a picture overlay showing an aerial shot of your lot along with the numbers. 
  • Don't you have property pins, Conn?  That should give a really good indication of where your lines are.

    I'm glad to hear the kid is possibly making connections---doesn't craigslist work for teens too?

    I thought it would be a good idea to run all the miles last night, and in that effort ended up dehydrated, nauseous and shaking at home.  That was fun/sarcasm.  But I woke up in pretty good shape today and honestly if I can endure that amount of "wtf"ness I think I can hack another marathon in 3 weeks. 

  • I just looked and I think DH and the new guy have the property lines wrong.  The new guy seems to think that his property line is right behind our BBall post, but I think we've got about a foot+ behind it.  Also there's an easement ditch, so I don't think he wants to get too froggy.  

    AH well, we've got time.  His 'house' is currently a hole in the ground.  We've got awhile before he's out there trying to plant shit or whatever he plans on doing. 
  • If your sure of the line, and plan to get a fence anyway - may be a good idea to do it before he's done building.  You want to have good relationships with neighbors, so to just pre-empt problems may be a good thing.  We have had issues with one of ours, and its a pita I wish we didn't have to mess with.
  • Morning. My dad is here to help install the trim in the house and he made a comment about us possibly buying the wrong thing so there's that. DH and I have been overloaded with decision making that it is probably very likely we bought the wrong thing.

    I am working and I don't want to. I am praying that my 11 am call on Friday my manager tells me that I am doing something new. I need a new project ASAP.

    DD is getting at least 3 teeth in. Probably more but I can't quite tell because they are in the back. She is obviously delightful.
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