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I need some lunch conversation.

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  • I'm second guessing my recent rug purchases. I think they are too small and I really don't want to buy new ones because I'm lazy.
  • I know. I bought a new comforter and it's just not working for me, but I hate trying to get it back in that big plastic bag.


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    I wish I could afford a decorator. First world problems!

    DS tried on his Halloween costume last night. I had to pry it off him.

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    Ha, I need rugs and lamps.  I'm about to make DH pick them out.   I've made a shit ton of decisions and done so much shopping since we moved.  And after typing that, I just remembered I have a 20% off coupon for Pier 1.  I may be heading out to shop...again.   At least Pier 1 is next to Trader Joe's and Trader Joe's has my new addiction...Chocolate/coconut covered almonds. 

    Anyhoo, I'm counting down to my hair appt on Saturday.  One of my mom friends has  GC to the salon/stylist I'm going to that she can't use and she's going to give it to me.  Woot.  

    I'm wearing my new skinny jeans today.  :D And my new(ish) boots.  I have bought so much clothes and shoes since we moved...I'm actually putting pants on/getting dressed because I wanna wear my stuff. 

    I ordered DefConn a pair of Addidas and they came today.  They're even cuter in person than they were online.  He's going to love them. 

    I don't currently love our living room set up.  DH and I have some rearranging to do.  I can't wait until the recliner that matches the couches comes in. 

    Our new bed is sooo... comfy.  It makes getting up in the dark and cold even harder. And it's a king, so it's HUGE.  :) 

    I have a lot of random thoughts today.  
  • Yeah, we need to buy some light fixtures, I need to finish painting a dresser, and I told DH I'd like to actually get around to decorating the "formal" living/dining area. But right now I can't, it will wait because seriously this shit is just tedious and tiring.
  • Apparently some lady walking by my apartment yesterday asked our babysitter if she was the one who lived there. She said no, but could she help with anything. The lady sighed and nastily said, "I was hoping you lived here so I could tell you that I live on the block and I'm tired of looking at the dead flowers."

    When my sitter told me this last night I told her to tell the old bat the next time she walked by to stop by when I'm home.

    I took care of the plants, which I was going to be doing anyway, but FFS, I'm sorry that my porch is offensive to you. Don't look. And don't look when my flowers are beautiful and in full bloom. Bitch.
  • H and I got a new mattress a month or so ago and I love it, I also have a hard time getting up now.  Our other (I'm embarrassed to say) was about 20ish years old.  It just was something we never replaced, and now I'm so glad we did!

    I bought a huge clock that I love from Marshalls, maybe a year ago.  It has quit working, I've replaced the battery 2x hoping that was it, but it just keeps losing time.  The space needs a big clock and it took me forever to find what I wanted....


  • "I was hoping you lived here so I could tell you that I live on the block and I'm tired of looking at the dead flowers."


    I'd rather look at dead flowers than at some nasty old crotchface.  But that's probably just me.
  • Max just passed out on the floor and m2 is randomly napping. I should exercise, but I don't wanna. I want to nap too. Doctors and medical insurance can all eff themselves. Michaels has Halloween 70% off already. I bought stuff for next year and some stuff that will also work for my advent event. My mom is taking the kids for a weekend in November so Dh and I can shop for furniture and have a night out. Pkat I have this clock from amazon and love it.
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    I have nothing but randoms, NOLA.  Sorry.  How is your sister enjoying married life?

    • I've developed a really serious Cookout addiction that I'm working hard to overcome, one lunch at a time.  It started last week with PMS, but now I have no excuse.
    • I'm wondering if I should take dairy out of DD's diet.  Our pediatrician's podcast mentioned that some kids with dairy allergies seemingly outgrow them, but they mostly just outgrow the GI symptoms, and develop things like eczema or even behavior problems.  DD definitely has eczema, and while I wouldn't say she has behavior problems, she is intense, with a short fuse.  So part of me wonders if avoiding dairy would help, and the skeptical part of me thinks this is just the latest flavor of the month:  first it was fat-free everything, then low carb, now gluten-free, maybe dairy is the next scapegoat.  I kind of want to try, but she loves dairy, so I'm reluctant to cut it even for a few weeks if it's not clear whether it will help.  Maybe I should just keep putting hydrocortisone on her eczema, sending her to time out when she flips out, and giving her milk.  Maybe there are no easy answers...or maybe I'm dropping the ball by giving her dairy. 
    • FWP:  shut up about DD's effing not-Halloween party already.  I shouldn't complain, because overcommunication is better than undercommunication.  But since yesterday afternoon, I have received: 1) a robocall from the principal reminding us that Friday is "book character costume day," 2) an email from the principal stating the same, 3) a note in DD's take-home folder reminding us, 4) an email reminder from her teacher, and 5) just now, an email reminder from the effing room mom.  I GET IT.  
    • Speaking of principals, I hate DS's, for good reasons (the thing about not taking his lactose intolerance seriously and saying it was probably gluten; refusing to talk to the practice manager at our pediatrician's office last month when Principal said that DS could return to school if he had some test our pediatrician had never heard of; pediatrician wanted to clarify what Principal was talking about and Principal wouldn't take her call, and she lied about county health regulations), and not-so-good reasons (she is so fucking loud all the time, and interrupts everyone, and is generally tacky).  I have seriously considered pulling the kids out, but the teachers themselves are wonderful, we rarely have contact with the principal, DD's teachers did a great job of prepping her for kindergarten, it's right on my way to/from work, DD knows everyone in her afterschool program, and they pick up from DD's school, which not everyone does.  So on balance, I think they're better off staying put.  But man, do I hate the principal.  Like, throat-punch level hate.
    • More FWP:  the playroom is a disaster, and I know it's because the kids have too much crap.  And I have no one to blame but myself.  And they will probably grow up to be entitled, spoiled, horrible people, which will also be my fault.  And I need more storage and organization pieces, and I am aware that my solution to too much stuff is to get more stuff.  :\

    ETF words and formatting

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    i swear, if some neighbor told me that they were tired of looking at our dead flowers, i would put out a pumpkin with a knife in it and a note that said "you."

    and i like our neighbors.
  • I've tried to find a costume for DefConn (OK..Kinda half-assed it, but it's been a long few weeks).  I cannot find a non-cheesy looking Ninja Turtle Costume for him that's not going to cost me $30 and I'm feeling too cheap to spend that much on something he's probably going to wear once.  I may need to try to go the last minute crafty route.  I did find a shell on Amazon that's prime eligible for $11 and he has a green shirt.  I can grab some fabric to make a belt and eye mask.  Maybe I can do this.  LOL
  • @conn: the combat gear set has the weapons and the mask, if he has a favorite turtle.

  • My dad is here working on the trim in the house and he told me that he's giving me a gift certificate to a lighting store to buy a new light for the island. Woot!
  • I have a friend who is someone that about 60% of the time I really like and the other 40 I really dislike.  There is no in-between with this person.  Most of it has to do that he pretends to like to "debate and have conversation", but what he really likes is validating himself that he's right in his thoughts.  It doesn't matter what the subject is, if we disagree, I'm wrong, Wrong, WRONG.  He did it again on FB and I...wasn't nice.  and I don't feel bad at all.  I turned off notifications for the post and unfollowed him and put him on restricted.  I have no idea if he's responded and I don't care.  

    Our work meeting was so long.  The person running it is extraordinarily intelligent and so good at what he does...and just so boring.  Other than that, SSDD.
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    Other random conversation I had with my dad today:

    He loves his Congresswoman (Kyrsten Sinema). She is an atheist, bisexual, Democrat. My dad is a white, hetero, super Republican. It is surprising...but nice.
  • @conn

    I have lots of extra fabric - i gave up mid-shell since the foam i was using bent the sewing machine needle and rendered it useless. 

    I found this - prime eligible and decent reviews. you may need to hem it. it will be here wednesday.

  • since Wolverine is going to be leonardo from tmnt, and I am walking her around, I decided to dress up like april o'neal. i already have the red hair, and since i wasn't going to spend $50 on a yellow jumpsuit, I am going to dress as teen april from the Nickelodeon version. - bought a yellow shirt and some black leggings for under my jean shorts - i sewed a white patch to the shirt and need to add a number 5, and dig out my combat boots, and I'm set. 
  • DefConn's costume is done.  Shell + Donatello combat gear pack are on their way. Thanks Hmo. 

    I think I'll layer his green TMNT shirt over a long sleeve shirt (or sweatshirt) and he has black sweats.  It's going to be effing cold on Halloween. 

  • My contracts came today! I'm probably more excited then I should be, but I have to say it feels good to get picked out of five other people.
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