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I'm Back and MARRIED!!!!

Say hello to another new member of the Married Club!!

H (OMG!!) and I returned from our HM yesterday afternoon after a 10 hour long flight from Germany. Warning, this is going to be very very long recap because I have SO MANY THINGS to talk about!

Pre-wedding days:

Starting on Wednesday family started coming in to town. I had about a million errands to run and luckily made it home just before the ILs arrived. Thursday basically everyone in our OOT family came in soooo I was basically entertaining alllllll day long and it was absolutely grueling. I started drinking early because holy hell it's needed when 20 plus people descend on your home all at the same time and luckily nobody seemed to notice that I downed most of a bottle of wine by myself. Friday was final things to do (like getting my ring cleaned and picking up WR stuff) and then we had the rehearsal and RD. The RD went incredibly! Our caterer did an absolutely amazing job with set up and I got sooooo many compliments on their food and service.
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I gave H his gift that night for the wedding (a schmancy fancy watch from Victorinox that he absolutely loves!) and then we parted ways until Saturday afternoon.


Saturday was absolutely the most gorgeous, beautiful fall day we have had to date. We seriously won the wedding weather lottery. It was sunny all day long and the temperature peaked at 75. We had a little wind that morning but it eventually went away that afternoon. I woke up at about 5 that morning and couldn't go back to sleep soooo I basically got about 4 1/2 hours that night. Oh well!! I had a whole bunch of coffee that morning with my dad and recovered from my slight hangover from the RD (he was also hungover, oops!). @southernpeach89 also brought me my wedding day PSL from Starbucks! Once everyone arrived at the house we all left for hair and makeup. Everyone looked so beautiful although the stylist who did one of my BMs hair had to redo it twice because apparently she was incompetent and couldn't figure out how to do a basic updo. Once we finished at the salon we stopped for lunch and then went to the venue. We basically killed the next couple of hours and took silly pictures with each other and everyone got ready. The photographer arrived early and we started taking photos. My parents were slightly late because my dad forgot the cumberbund for his dress blues and they had to turn around.

The ceremony was absolutely perfect!! My dad walked me down the aisle to Let Me Call You Sweetheart. I chose that song because H sings it to me in the mornings every once in awhile. I don't think it's "our" song but it certainly has meaning for us. Our pastor gave an absolutely wonderful sermon. I got tons of compliments from everyone afterwards on how meaningful and personal it was. When H and I turned to look at each other and give our vows, H actually got choked up and started crying. I was so shocked and surprised! I never thought he would cry and seeing him so emotional made me cry (thankfully no ugly sobbing though...just some tears that slipped out). Apparently my dad was emotional too and H said seeing him like that made him lose it.

Our reception afterwards went off without a hitch! I think everyone had a great time and I got even more compliments on the flowers and decor, the food, and the DJ. My only regret was extending the reception by an hour. A lot of people left early (like between 9 and 9:30) and the actual reception didn't end until 11. I was pretty upset about it that night...luckily we still had a core group of people who stayed the whole time and danced the night away with us. I'm pretty sure I got to talk to everyone at least once...although I definitely didn't get to have a meaningful conversation with anyone...we were just way too busy.

More pictures!!


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This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.

Honeymoon recap!!!

We went to Munich, Germany for our honeymoon! We left Monday afternoon and arrived in Munich early Tuesday morning. H and I both tried to sleep on the plane but were mostly unsuccessful. I think we got a few hours max between the two of us. Thankfully our hotel allowed us to check in at 9 am (and even upgraded our room for free!) so we slept for about 4 hours before going out and exploring Munich.

Places we visited:
Marianplatz in Munich (includes a giant Glockenspiel, Rathaus, a big church, and lots of shopping)
Nymphenburg Palace
Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussen, Germany
Salzburg, Austria (old fortress and I think St. Peter's Cathedral)
Herrenchiemsee Castle (on the Chiemsee also called the Bavarian Ocean because it's so freaking huge)
Small towns around the Chiemsee
ETA More things:
Ate at Ratskellar, Hofbrauhaus, and Augustiner brewery in Munich

Things we learned about Germany:
The coffee is terrible...they make it waaaaayyyy weaker than we do in the US
You can buy beer ANYWHERE and take it EVERYWHERE...drinking is public is totally ok and also awesome
The train system is great!! You can go pretty much everywhere...I think we spent most of our money on train tickets though
Don't eat the pizza...even the authentic Italian pizza...the stuff we had tasted like it came from CiCi's and I was not a fan (I avoided saying anything negative though because it was my cousin's favorite pizza place and she thought it was the best pizza around)
The people in the smaller towns are much nicer, friendlier, and in general more curious than most of the people we met in Munich
People in Bavaria seem to live on a diet of beer, pastries/pretzels/sandwiches, pizza, and doner. Sooo carbs, carbs, carbs, and some protein
Spicy doner is delicious, you should definitely eat some because you can get it just about anywhere!
These are the following varieties of beer you can generally find in most restaurants - sort of dark beer, light beer, dark non alcoholic beer, light non alcoholic beer - our friend took us to a new restaurant in Munich that has started serving craft beers from the US and other countries and some craft beers from Germany. It was the one single place that we found a massive variety of beer choices
Soccer games in Germany are intense, US fans don't even compare to German fans...
German drivers are terrifying!!!!!!
I took this picture...because it's lard...on a menu...like actual real life lard topped with fried onions.
Us with my cousin's dad and brother and her boyfriend in front of the Allianz Arena where the Bayern Munchen team and Munchen 1860 play.
I haven't had a chance to upload other pics from the HM yet. A bunch are on H's cell and some others are on our nice camera so I'll do another recap later! :)

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