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I found my dress!!!!! AW post

I just want to be the center of attention for a minute. I went shopping for my dress this weekend with a couple of friends, future SIL & my mom. We went to a little shop my mom found out about during a chance conversation with a casual acquaintance. I wasn't all that interested in this shop, but my mom really wanted to go, and I'm glad we did. It's called Catherine's in Valparaiso, Indiana. Tiny little boutique, fabulous staff, and although small, had a perfect variety of dresses. The dresses are all hung in a row along one wall, each wrapped in plastic zippered bags, so they all look very meh and unassuming until you try them on. I had a fantastic time. I narrowed my choices down to my top 3, and then went to a second store after Catherine's. My experience at the second store was very underwhelming, and I was also sick so I very quickly decided I was over dress shopping and decided "To hell with it! I'm going to pick a dress from my top 3 and just order it!" I went through my pictures, chose the most flattering one and ordered it. Done!
So without further ado.... the dress! I'm ordering it in ivory with champagne trim under the bust & in the train. Ignore the ridiculous faces I'm making.

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