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Waiting on marriage certificate.

Our officiant let us know that everything was sent out on the October 19th. We were married on the October 18th, and I'm still waiting to receive my marriage certificate in the mail! I need it in order to go to the dmv and the ss office. So I haven't done anything yet as far as name change goes. Should I be worried!?

Re: Waiting on marriage certificate.

  • Ok, great!
  • You might want to follow up with them, just in case. 

    After a month and a half I gave a phone call--it turned out that the woman who was handling our paperwork suddenly left her position on the day we were married, and never informed anyone about us. They found the mailed license in their pile of post (I'm shocked no one thought to do anything about it!). 

    We finally received our certificate three months late and my name was mispelled! I had to drive back over there (we got married in a different state, mind you!) and the new woman made a replacement certificate. But it was a good thing I was there, because at first she printed it out the replacement certificate without my birth details and proceeded to sign and stamp that thing! Good lord! My only hope is that it is legitimately filed and on record and that the date reflects our ACTUAL wedding date. Geez. 

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  • This might be a dumb question, but are you sure it's supposed to be mailed to you? I had to go get mine in person from the county clerk after 10 business days. Either way your county should give timelines on their website.

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    We got married 9/27 and mailed it on 9/29. And the certificate was in the mail waiting for us when we returned from our HM on 10/10. Can you follow up with them to make sure they received it? 
  • I got married the 12th of October in a town thats a 45 minute drive. I was told by them they send them to your local town hall the 15th of every month. We just missed the deadline. Our only other options are to drive up to the town hall or print a form/request, a copy of my license or my husbands along with a postal money order ($20) and mail it. My husband is putting me on his insurance and they need a copy within 31 days which is next week basically. So he got Friday off and is gonna grab it.


  • It was mailed to me a couple of days ago! Yippie!!
  • I find this interesting. I was married in Ontario, Canada. In our province, they do not automatically mail you a copy of your marriage certificate. If you want one, you have to order one and pay for it after the paperwork has been filed by your officiant.
  • That's what I ended up having to do. I wasn't sure about this, but I figured if I got a 2nd one in the mail, it wouldn't hurt to have it. But I've only received one. So for me, it was the same way.
  • @ahyatt87 @hkda2003 It's the same here in South Carolina, or at least in the county our license is from. I'd always assumed I'd get one in the mail, so when I asked the probate officer he was really rude and asked why I'd think that. I bought two just in case ($5/each, then $6.25 for "convenience," on top of the $40 we already paid for the license in the first place!).
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  • That's cheap!! When we applied for our license in Pa, it was $60.00 and then $25.00 to receive a copy of it!
  • our license was 72$ then 27.50 for a certified copy.. in Arizona!! I couldn't believe the cost!!
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