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Did you walk down the aisle alone?

How many of you walked down the aisle alone?  I am thinking of doing this.  I'm like 90% sure.  My grandfather, who raised me with my grandmother, passed away 2 years ago (as did my grandmother).  I'm kind of happy to go it alone (with my grandmother's ring and thinking of having one of my grandfather's tie as a part of the bouquet... or their picture or something).  I know this is all about how I would feel but just curious how other brides are planning it/have done it. 

Re: Did you walk down the aisle alone?

  • The purpose of the bridal escort is to keep the bride from tripping on her dress.  What kind of shoes are you planning to wear?  I have seen brides fall off their high heels.
    I asked my uncle to escort me.  My sister just walked down the aisle on her fiance's arm.
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    I didn't want my dad to escort me, since I will have a convalidation later on, I want my dad to walk me down the aisle, doing it twice was some kind of magic lost. But what CMG says is right, I had to walk with someone because I was too nervous I thought I would fall. DH didn't want to walk with me or see me before the wedding. So I ask my daddy. You should have someone, a friend, an uncle, just so you could hold on to.
    Has your priest OKed your convalidation?  This is not always easy to get approved.
  • I'm not a fan of being given away so officiant isn't saying anything. But my dad is looking forward to it, and tripping doesn't sound fun. So he's walking me down the aisle.
  • CMG good point.  I guess I'll have to take that into consideration without it turning into this political row. 
  • @hoyagirlygirl, will your future spouse walk with you?
  • My husband and I walked down the aisle together. We liked the symbolism of walking into marriage together, side by side.
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  • I wanted to. That was my plan any way. Two seconds before I started heading down the aisle (this was my second wedding. I'm 38. Dad escorted me at my first wedding. I thought, and still do feel it's silly and weird to be escorted by my Dad) my Dad showed up to escort me. It was not at all the time to have a discussion w my Dad as to why I wanted to go it alone. I didn't want to hurt his feelings and send him back to his seat empty handed so to speak. So I said fuck it and let Dad walk me down. I was barefoot and would have been fine alone but things happened too quickly and in the end it all went how it was supposed to. Luckily the officiant stuck to his script and didn't ask who was giving me away because that would have been inappropriate. I'm not anyone's to "give away." I bristled at that BS at my first wedding. But that's water under the bridge at this point.
  • I'll be walking down with my brother, who will be six at the time. But that's mostly so he's not super nervous. (:
  • @artbyallie we hadn't talked about that possibility.  We'll definitely talk about it.  There had been others who had suggested all of these different people that made no sense (cousins that I don't even talk to, an aunt, someone's brother, etc) so I've been distracted by what I DON'T want.  I actually liked the idea of walking alone but there were some great points raised (heels and all).  And I hadn't thought of my fiancé.  :)  I tell you, you learn something new everyday!
  • I'll be walking down the aisle alone. My father made it clear that he most likely won't be attending (bc of his issues with my mother, I guess) .. and I'm perfectly fine with that! I didn't like the idea of "giving me away" anyway. My little chance to shine
  • I am walking alone. My father died a few years ago and I have no one else I would like to walk with. I wear high heels everyday and feel confident I can walk the aisle without assistance.
  • I walked down the aisle alone. We married in a gazebo so I walked down the aisle leading to it alone and then H met me at the steps of the gazebo and we walked to the alter together.
  • I wanted to walk down alone because I didn't like the idea of being "given away", but my dad seemed disappointed when I mentioned the idea.  He ended up walking me down and we had no mention of him "giving me away".  I'm so glad he walked me down from a practical standpoint: I was so overwhelmed by emotion the moment before I walked down the aisle.  I have no recollection of walking down the aisle, so I'm assuming I needed an escort to hold me up.
  • I would like to walk down the aisle alone. My dad and I do not have a great relationship. I feel like asking someone other than him would hurt his feelings more than just saying I'd like to do it on my own. I am kind of accident prone so that is the one thing that worries me and this thread is not helping... Surely it can't be that bad? 
  • My dad passed away when I was 15 sadly he wont be able to walk me down the isle. I have always envisioned my cousin do it because we are a year apart and were best pals growing up and into early adulthood. He is like a brother. However just recently his wife and I(we became as thick as thieves/best friends over the past few years) had a falling out and there will never be a reconciliation. I wont be inviting either to my wedding, and to invite just him isnt an option because he just stands by his wife whether shes in the right or not. I proudly am walking myself down the isle. I have been on my own since 17. Its not really a big deal in my case. I wish it were different but I dont over think it.

    I do like the idea of my FI and I walking into together though.

  • my dad passed when I was a child, idk if my gpa will still be around but he told me no anyways. I always imagined myself walking down solo to begin with. I only asked my gpa bc my mom asked me to. Anyways, never really liked the whole "giving away" aspect of it, I'm not property lol! Plus I want all eyes on my dress as I walk down. I loved the idea of walking down with my FH, never even thought of that, will run that by him!
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    I wanted to walk down the aisle with my fiance so we would be walking into marriage together. He wasn't into the idea at first but just suggested it the other day to me- yay!

    If he hadn't wanted to, I was going to walk alone. Love my parents but I wanted to represent making this choice and life change on my own so to speak.

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  • I know that I do not want to be "given away". I'm not property and my parents are not getting anything in exchange for my marriage. I love my father dearly and I can certainly understand that if people do not feel that connotation, then being walked down the aisle by their father/mother/grandparent would be great to help steady nerves and prevent tripping. I am currently planning for my fiance and I to walk down together. We will be barefoot on the beach, so hopefully tripping will be less of an consideration. I feel like we made the decision together and we are entering this marriage together, so walking together seems to share that symbolism. That said, if you are comfortable, I imagine walking in solo in a gorgeous outfit would be a very striking entrance. 
  • Originally I was planning to walk with then-Fi, but about a week prior to the ceremony I found out that my dad actually really wanted to walk me down the aisle, and I felt selfish and mean to take that from him, so I had my dad walk me down.

    But we all kinda just walked as a group, so there wasn't really much of an escort.
  • I do plan on having my dad walk me down the aisle.

  • My father passed away almost 5 years ago, and I don't want any "substitute" - so I'm walking down alone (but have a charm with his picture that will be attached to my bouquet).  At the back of the guests' chairs, FI will come and meet me and walk with me the rest of the way up to the altar. 

  • I'm planning to walk alone.  This is my second marriage and my dad passed away 16 years ago.  My godfather walked me at my first wedding, but this time FI both like the idea of walking in without escorts. The symbolism means so much to us (his second as well).  

    He's agreed that if I looked too panicked or whatever he will meet me and we will walk the rest of the way together.

    Thankfully its a short aisle in the church so I think I will be OK on my own! I'm also wearing flats.
  • These are all great ideas.  I think I want us to walk down separate aisles and meet at the alter or some such alteration.  This is a second marriage for both of us and first wedding for me.
  • It's your day, so do what you want!  
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