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What do you guys think of the MOB wearing black?

Ok so long story short, my mom struggles with finding clothes. She has lost a good bit of weight & is now down to a size 16. She has been dress shopping, and told me today she found one she loves…only problem is that its black. I didn't say much about it since I was worried that I would hurt her feelings or something, but it really makes me feel odd. Am I being weird about this? what do y'all think about this?

Our wedding will be an evening event, so it could possibly flow. I just don't want everyone thinking that she is in mourning or something 

Re: What do you guys think of the MOB wearing black?

  • My mom is wearing a black pant suit, and I see nothing wrong with that. Let her wear what she wants :) 

  • Yes, I think you're being weird about it. Black is not a "problem". It's classic and elegant. She'll look great!

    Have you been to an evening wedding before? And seen someone wearing black? Did you ever think "oh, poor thing must be mourning. I should tell her I'm sorry for her loss..."? No, probably not. You probably don't even remember because it mattered that little.

  • My son's wedding will be a black and white wedding.  Fortunately, my FDIL is wonderfully gracious about my attire, because I am not comfortable in black.  Her mother is wearing black and looks wonderful in it.  By the way, congrats to your mom on the weight loss, that is very significant and I am happy that she found a dress that makes her feel beautiful.
  • I wore black to two of my girls weddings and looked rather awesome if I say so myself.  One of the MOGs did too and she also looked great.  this is an old school antiquated idea that needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

    Unless she is wearing a black mourning veil over her face, this is not an issue.

  • Black's fine!  My mom's dress for our wedding was called charcoal gray, but depending on the light she was, in the dress reflected black or brown tones.  The expression on her face, the excitement with which she talks to people, her enthusiasm will all convey that your mom is not mourning or disappointed about your wedding.

  • Thanks everyone :) I guess I let my sister get in my head about it. (she convinced me it was a big no no) I haven't actually seen the dress yet, but I trust my mom with picking out some nice clothes for herself. I actually didn't say anything to her because I really just wanted her to be comfortable with her dress or to make her think I didn't like it, but wasn't sure if it was still a "tradition" thing.
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    Black can be very elegant for evening weddings.  I'd let your mother wear the dress of her choice.
  • We have discarded the idea that people should be married before they have children, so it is time to discard the "no black at weddings" idea.

    If she loves a black dress and feels comfortable in it, everyone should find something else to stress about. She is fine.

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    My mom wore a black evening gown to my wedding. My MIL wore a black and white two piece outfit. My bridesmaids wore black cocktail dresses. None of them looked like they were in mourning.


  • As long as it isn't funereal looking, which most black clothing today isn't, I think it's fine. 
  • I see no issue with this.  She shoudl wear something she likes and feels comfortable in.  
  • Personally I think black is always a tasteful and elegant color. As long as she's not wearing a matching black veil, I think it's perfectly acceptable, and even stylish. Your mother is going to be glowing with a beautiful happy smile over the joy of her daughter's wedding. There is no way she is going to look like she's in mourning.
  • SO many people wore black to my evening wedding. I never thought about it for a second. My mom was even in a black cocktail dress with gold details, which looked amazing and matched my dad's black tux when they both escorted me down the aisle.

    FWIW, my MIL wore a floor length WHITE dress to my wedding... so, it could be worse!

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    I have heard of no white to a wedding... I have even heard of no red to a wedding ("sexy color" may upstage the bride) but I have never heard black?! Every evening wedding I have gone to has had at least 50% of the women in black.

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    My MIL and J's grandma both wore black, and they looked lovely.  It's fun to see the one picture of us with just our immediate family, because my family is all in colours and J's family is all in black, so it looks like I married into the Mob.  We laugh at it regularly.
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  • I think black is totally fine for an evening wedding!
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