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Our venue closed!!

Hi Everyone,

My fiance and I just found out that the venue we were supposed to have our wedding was forced to close. We are receiving our deposit back and are now forced to find a new venue...that's if we want to find a new venue. The place we had was amazing! It was a house rental meant for weddings with a barn and a huge yard, including a horseshoe pit (what he wants the most). It was the perfect place to us for a wedding. 

We are stuck between the choice of finding a new place, having a backyard wedding, or just cancelling the whole thing and having a very small ceremony with close friends and immediate family. The problem with trying to find a new venue is nothing compares to what we found the first time (including the price, our budget is $5000 for EVERYTHING), and I'd rather not have the backyard wedding. I'm highly considering having a smaller intimate wedding, but we already sent out our save the dates to our 100+ guests. How do we tell them that we cancelled our wedding without sounding selfish?

Any advice would be helpful, thanks!


Re: Our venue closed!!

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    I would post this on your local board and see if they have any ideas for other venues.
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    If you do decide to cancel, send notes to all the people who received STDs. You can simply say, "Due to events outside our control, the wedding on x date has now been cancelled."

    There's nothing wrong with a backyard wedding at all. You may need to consider parking (I have visions of Father of the Bride dancing in my head), but maybe the budget allotted to renting that venue can now be allotted to chair/table/tent rental in your backyard.  If the venue including catering, now that part of your budget is allotted to an independent caterer.  It can be done, don't worry.  

  • i think you need to trim your guest list. Dont feel obligated to invite people. I would move to a smaller guest list and choose a different venue. At the end of the day its not about the venue, its about you both becoming husband and wife.  Why let it all be ruined by those circumstances. I mean of course it is totally devastating, but you can find other options. Or save up for another year and see if you can increase your budget and maybe get a new beautiful venue that you can fall in love with. At first we had a low budget but as soon as we decided to increase it we found an option that was beyond our dreams. And is there any way you could maybe DIY anything to create a similar atmosphere of the original space at a new location?
  • I agree put it on a local board. Also trimming your guestlist would help. Also when you getting married?

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    Since you've sent out save the dates, I assume the event is almost here (like, six months or less away). What is your date? Is it a Saturday or another day of the week? 

    It's generally rude to not invite someone who got a save the date, which I can tell you know from the tone of your post. 

    Take a week or two to research options. Maybe see what public parks, etc., are available. Also call around to venues you like and explain the situation. Maybe if they have an opening on your date they'd take pity on you. 

    Consider doing a lunch/brunch reception that would be cheaper food wise or maybe a cake and punch. You may be able to do a restaurant buy out at brunch time for a better price than for dinner. 

    If you have to move to a more intimate wedding and trim the guest list now that stds have gone out, I think you need to cancel and then re-announce to your smaller guest list. 

    That sucks so so much, I'm sorry that happened to you. 

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  • I'm SO sorry you're dealing with this.  What a huge let down!


    A backyard wedding can really add up cost wise, esp if you're renting a tent.  You'll have to rent all of the chairs/tables/linens/dinnerware and that really adds up fast. 

  • disaiak said:

    I'm SO sorry you're dealing with this.  What a huge let down!


    A backyard wedding can really add up cost wise, esp if you're renting a tent.  You'll have to rent all of the chairs/tables/linens/dinnerware and that really adds up fast. 

    True. When we first got engaged I looked into renting some really large houses (one was a mansion that operates kind of like a b&b) that had expansive grounds. The places were amazingly cheap to rent for the space, but when I looked into then having to rent tables, chairs, tents, etc., basically trucking everything in, it was actually more expensive than many other options. 
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