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Desperately Trying To Delete Old Wedding Website

This has become beyond frustrating and there seems to be no help desk or form to fill out when there is an issue. Knot, you are getting my vote for worst site navigation. 

I have an OLD wedding website:

That's my abusive ex-husband that I would really no longer like to be reminded of. Yet, when you search my name on google, it's one of the first things that come up. I am in a much better relationship now that will most likely evolve into marriage. I REALLY don't want the wedding website of my biggest mistake in life to be what comes up when people put our names into a search engine. Yet, I can find no way to delete this. When I try the Knot's wedding website page it just wants me to create a new one with no options to edit this disaster that is floating out there. 

Can someone, anyone, help me? This needs to go away and fast. 


Re: Desperately Trying To Delete Old Wedding Website

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