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Anyone use a travel agency for a honeymoon to Greece?

Hi there,

My fiance and I are dying to go to Greece for our honeymoon - we want to spend a few nights in Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos over the course of 12 days. Has anyone here used a travel agency for booking a Greece honeymoon? I've been on the Liberty Travel website and it seems like their Greece vacation packages are very limited. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks all!


Re: Anyone use a travel agency for a honeymoon to Greece?

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    I have not been to Greece, but I recommend skipping an agency like Liberty, who primarily sells Caribbean all inclusives, and going with someone who specializes in that area of the world. I've used specialty agents for many of my trips- Caribbean, Tahiti, etc. They are trained and certified in the areas by the toursit boards and have most likely traveled to that area many times and can offer personal experiences and solid advice. You'll probably have to work with that person over e-mail or phone, but maybe you'll be able to find someone in your local area. 

    I recommend starting with a Google search on "Greece Travel Specialists" or "Certified Greece Travel Agents"


  • @Jells2dot0 This is a great tip! Thank you! I will see if I can find a specialist - I definitely need someone who knows that part of the world very well. Fingers crossed that I will find what I need. 
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    Good luck!!!


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    Are you looking for a resort, or for a Greek cruise?  Since Greece is mostly islands, cruises do a wonderful job of showing you the country.  This was one of my favorite itineraries.  The islands are each quite different.


  • Hello! We have also been looking at going to Greece possibly for our honeymoon. Other than local travel agencies, one that as recommended to us by a friend was Fantasy Travel of Greece. They are located in Athens. You can email them for a quote and they can set up an itinerary for you. They take care of everything, transfers, hotels, island hopping, etc. (with the exception of airfare to /from Athens). There website has a lot of packages listed on it as well to give you an idea of pricing. We haven't decided where we are going for sure, so we haven't used them, but a friend of ours used them to do their anniversary trip through Greece and said everything went perfectly. Good luck!
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    Any good travel agent at a full-service agency can assemble a package for you - no need to choose a premade itinerary.

    Greece is very popular and I'd be comfortable saying that at least one consultant at virtually any travel agency will be well-versed in that area.

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