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No she didn't!

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Ok, I can't really complain about this to anyone without admitting I sorta was sneaky... FI gave me his phone to answer some questions for a wife of a groomsman, about where he needed to be when, etc... of course, I know, FI doesn't... (Back story- its 2.5 weeks to wedding, his ex made up some silly reason to meet with him to discuss one of the kids, 2 days ago. Normally this would be fine, but he is super swamped at work, and her reason was stupid.. the girl's hair.) So, I happen to scroll down a bit, between texts, to see if ex is on the text journal. She is. With a text that says "Don't marry her. ;( " ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? He of course answered by saying sorry she was sad, but shut her down, and continued with "she makes me happy, gets me, etc... stop this" etc, etc. So, yes,he is amazing, awesome, and trustworthy, and I love him, and trust him, and have no worries in that department, but damn. She ha started sending the kids and him old family photos, etc.. he told me about this, and was wondering what her game was, as she had seemed better the last few months, as compared to when we started dating, and she would blatantly ask him to meet her for drinks, etc... knowing damn well I was laying next to him. So, she is dating someone, too! I feel like sending a picture of her shady, sad text to him...I won't as I will just be the adult here. I so want to text her back, tell her "Look, you tanked his first marriage, do you really dislike him so much you wanna try and tank his second?" It can't be about loving and caring so much for him, or she would want him happy. I think she is just pissed he moved on, and is happy before she is..? Or she realized she messed up a good thing? I really don't care what her problem is, as long as she keeps it on her side of the fence, ya know? I am concerned she will go so far as to try to mess with her kids' opinions of me. They're 19 and 14, and smart enough to see through most of it, especially the 19, he's over most of her crap. But the 14, well.... she's the girl. It is hard enough to step-parent, then at that age... throw in a Mom that doesn't have the best of intentions... I will never trash her to them, but it sucks I can't trust the same from her. 
Anyway, thanks for listening, I just needed to vent that. 

Re: No she didn't!

  • Wow, I don't know how you kept your cool! She really has nerve....She had her chance, and it's gone. At least he stuck up for you, but I still would've been shaking with anger at this woman! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. :)

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    Yeah, it was satisfying to think of all the crazy revenge and snarky things I could do, but in the end, she is sad, and I am not, and I am not going to let it get it me, but man, did I need to vent! 
    Her lack of respect for his marriage(s) is astonishing.. she basically bailed on him after 17 years, then as soon as he was gone, good, happy, (and doing cry well business wise, I might add), she decides "oops, wait a minute..." This was after bailing on kids, too.... she would go weeks with out seeing them. 
    Oh well, I will stop, bc I could go on and on about it, but it makes me mad for the kids... they deserve better. OOOOOOSSSSSSSAAAAAA...... 

    Nov 14... soooo close :)<3  (And thank you!!)

  • I know the urge to put someone like that in their place all too well. I have to say, the best thing you can do is marry your FI and not make a big deal (or any deal).  Just be blissfully happy, you win all around. 

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