Little Known Outdoor Venues?

Hi everyone. I'm looking to get married next August, hopefully, and my fiance and I are hoping for an outdoor wedding, or indoor/outdoor. We are on a very tight budget, and I'm looking for some venue options to fit the bill. Does anyone know any good farms/ranches/gardens/private homes in the Portland-Metro area that could accommodate around 150 for a ceremony and reception? I know McMenamins is frequently tossed around for budget weddings, but we both work there catering weddings, and would like to avoid getting married at work, if possible :)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Little Known Outdoor Venues?

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    I would check the local parks. They have very minimal rental fees. You do have to get permits and rent them most of the time but if you are on a budget I would say that is your best bet. 
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    I just went to a fantastic and beautiful wedding in champoeg state park.  If I didn't already have my venue and was stuck on doing an indoor wedding, I would have seriously thought about canning my venue and going there.  It was super gorgeous.

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    Champoeg is a cool park! One of my friends had her High School Reunion there under some big trees, and it was pretty cool.

    I suggest looking into some wineries - there are a ton in the Yamhill/Washington County area and I bet some of the smaller ones are on the less expensive side.
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    Postlewait's is a neat indoor/outdoor place for a wedding. You can have your reception and ceremony both indoor or outdoor, or one indoor and one outdoor. They have a barn for the indoor portion. You also get the venue for the whole day, and not just 6 hours like most places.

    Check it out! www.postewaits.com
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