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October 8 Reviews Part 1: Wedding Day - Wynn, Cashman, Harmony, Maggianos

We got back from our honeymoon last week and it’s taken me that long to recover!!

Our wedding was amazing – we had 39 people in total (including the two of us) mostly from the UK, but I have family in the US as well so about 10 were from California/New York/Pennsylvania.

We arrived on the Friday ahead of the wedding on Wednesday, October 8 and had the BEST time with all our family and friends including lots of drinks at places like Coyote Ugly, Hakkasan, Cleopatra’s Barge, Parasol Up/Down and various MGM bars, dancing with Big Elvis and winning the mini competition, Titanic exhibition, slushies from big cowboy boots, and just a lot of laughing!

It honestly was the best week of my life and I am so glad we decided to get married in Vegas.

Vendor reviews from the actual wedding day below (I loved everything as you can tell!). I'll post some other reviews separately as this is quite long already!

Wynn – Ceremony: A++++ The Wynn was AMAZING and I honestly cannot thank them enough for giving us such a beautiful wedding. We had the Primrose Courtyard booked for a 3pm ceremony. We wanted somewhere outside as it’s not something you can generally do in October in the UK! We fell in love with the courtyard after seeing a picture of it all decked out in flowers with the arch, so tried to recreate as much as possible. I was blown away when I saw it all decorated for us. It was expensive, but I think it was totally worth it. Our wedding coordinators were Ann-Marie and Zhely and they were fantastic. They were quick to respond to all my questions and they were very helpful and friendly at all times. Rev Phil Shuart was our minister and he was great. Considering we had only corresponded by email a few times beforehand and then met 30 mins before the ceremony, he did a great job at making it feel like a really personal ceremony. We also ordered some Prosecco for our guests to drink while we were having our photos taken, which was a nice touch. I loved the ceremony, it was everything we wanted and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Wynn – everything else: A++++ We got a one night stay included in our package, and booked another night so we wouldn’t have to worry about checking in or out on the day of the wedding. I stayed the night before with my sister and then on the wedding night with my new husband J

We only booked a standard room, but on arrival we were told that we had been upgraded to a Tower Parlour Suite. Given that I was excited about seeing the Wynn rooms anyway, this made me even more excited. The room was freaking amazing, probably bigger than my apartment! We had golf course views, which was great for my mum when she came the next day to get ready with us, as she is an avid golfer and not so keen on all the girly stuff so she could look at the golfing while we were getting HMU done.
I was so sad to leave the room when we checked out! Ann-Marie had arranged for all our wedding flowers to be taken to the room for us, so we got to enjoy them for a bit longer, but it just made me even sadder to leave as they were so beautiful.
The morning of the wedding, I booked breakfast for my mum and two bridesmaids at Tableau. This was lovely – we had a patio table and it was a gorgeous day. The food was amazing, so I would definitely recommend this.
We used Wynn players cards as part of our favours for guests. A few weeks before the wedding I called the Drugstore and asked them if they had enough cards and if they could reserve some for us to pick up. They were incredibly helpful and happy to do so which made everything a lot easier, as when we went to the store to pick them up, we couldn’t see any of them on display.
Overall, I just love the Wynn so much. It is such a beautiful hotel and everyone I dealt with in any department was so helpful and lovely. J

Cashman – photography: A++++ I know Cashman get mixed reviews on here, so I was a little nervous about the wedding pics. We decided to go with them as we didn’t do a strip tour. Although I originally wanted pics at the Bellagio fountains & Vegas sign, we just felt that we would rather spend time with our guests than traipse around the strip for 2 hours in the heat and traffic. So in the end we used Cashman for the inclusive hour in our package and then booked another hour for photos around the Wynn. We had a meeting with them a couple of days before the wedding, which put my mind at ease a bit as the photos they showed us were lovely.
We had Emily as our photographer and she was great. I had a list of ones I wanted to take in the courtyard, and she didn’t really stick to it, but we did get most of the main ones we wanted. She was then great when we were doing the extra hour, which was the two of us plus my two bridesmaids. I did ask for pics by the water out by Bartolotta (I think), but she thought I meant by the Lake of Dreams, but the pics turned out nice from there anyway.
When we went to view our pictures the morning after the wedding, they had some printed out and framed ready for us as well as a mock-up of an album. They then did a slide show of images for us which made me all emotional as they were lovely.
We got the CD with all images plus all the print outs for around $2000. This is quite a lot, but we were prepared for this, and as we loved the pictures, it was totally worth it.

Harmony Medina/Tapia – HMU: A++++ I chose Harmony based on the reviews here, and had HMU for me and my two bridesmaids. I also booked her for a trial on the Sunday as I was heading out for a mini bachelorette that night so thought it was a good opportunity. I asked her for smokey, dramatic eyes as I always do up my eyes rather than lips and she totally delivered. On the day of the wedding, I decided that I wanted it a bit toned down from the night out make up and she was happy to do that. After she had done it, I then decided I wanted bigger lashes (I had some with me which she added on to the ones she provided) – again, she was totally happy to do what I asked. I was so happy with my hair and make-up – it all stayed in place throughout the day and night. My BMs were also both happy with their HMU, they both looked lovely!
Harmony is also really nice – the four of us actually got on really well and had a lot of fun in the trial and the morning of the wedding.

Maggianos – reception: A++++

This was a perfect location following the Wynn ceremony as it is located just across the street so we didn’t have to transport people anywhere.

We booked the Calabria and Di Carlo rooms from 5pm-10pm. Earlier in the week, I had dropped my table decorations, place names and cards etc up there, as well as our poster guest book. My mum and aunt went across just before the reception started to check everything, and they said it was all fine. I loved the way the room looked – having the windows was great as we could see out on to the strip.

Beth and the staff were very accommodating! We wanted the first hour to be our appetizers buffet style with a host bar. We ended up being under our minimum spend for the room on food, so we put the host bar towards it and upgraded to the super premium drinks package which worked out really well.  I also love rose wine, so swapped out one of the reds on the Venetian package for that. They were also great with special requests – we needed a gluten free meal for one of the kids and they were happy to do that as well.

After the appetizer buffet, we had a sit down meal and dancing until 10pm.

Everyone LOVED the food here!!! We had the mozzarella marinara and bruschetta for appetizers, and added 2 platters of the Italian grilled vegetables. The vegetables went down really well as I think most people had been making the most of all the not so healthy food available in Vegas!! We then had Caesar and Italian chopped salads served when we sat down, the grilled chicken, balsamic glazed salmon, four cheese ravioli and spaghetti with meatballs. And the dessert table for afters, which came out as people were dancing as we had stuffed ourselves too much after the apps and main course. I think this worked well and helped us maximise our time partying!

The only thing I ever questioned on the night was the wine service. The food was coming out and no one had received any wine – as part of the Venetian package we had, it was supposed to be poured with dinner. They said they wanted to get the food out first, but we were a group of drinkers so the wine was important. It was swiftly resolved as soon as I asked. Maybe it’s a US v UK thing – in the UK, we would always have the wine out before the food starts being served.

For those of you using an iPod, I recommend checking the sound in the exact room where your dancing will be. We had the Calabria and Di Carlo rooms, but when we went to drop the stuff off, the doors were closed between the rooms. We tested the iPod in the dock and it was loud. However, the dancing area was the Di Carlo room, but the speakers are located in the Calabria room. This meant the music wasn’t as loud on the dancefloor as we would have liked, but we soon got used to it and it wasn’t a big deal.

We loved the food here so much that we went to the LA branch when we were there as part of our honeymoon!


Re: October 8 Reviews Part 1: Wedding Day - Wynn, Cashman, Harmony, Maggianos

  • Oh, and Carnaval Court for our afterparty!

    Carnaval Court – Wedding afterparty – A++

    An afterparty location was the biggest source of my pre-wedding stress. As we had to be out of Maggianos at 10pm, I needed to find somewhere for us all to go that could accommodate all ages, wasn’t too far and didn’t cost the earth! I must have looked at every bar in Vegas at one point. We ended up going with Carnaval Court and it was a good choice.

    We booked a section of the VIP bit to the left hand side as you go in, and it was perfect for the group we had. We did bottle service, which I know isn’t really necessary for a bar, but it meant we didn’t have to keep going to the bar and we could get a range of drinks. We ended up hosting this (to a certain limit) as the bottle prices weren’t too bad. We also were able to order beers and mixed drinks as well.

    It was a Wednesday night and I was worried that it might be quiet, but I needn’t have – it was pretty busy and lively, which was ideal.

    We worked with the group booking manger, who went AWOL for a bit when I was trying to confirm everything (as we were being indecisive so didn’t confirm until the day before) , but my other half went up there on the wedding morning and sorted it all out J

  • Congrats!!! - Please share pics would luv to see :-)
  • Here is one....I'll put some more on in a second!
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  • How beautiful! I LOVE your shoes :)
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  • Congratulations!!!
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  • Thank you! I loved my shoes too, although they did get swapped for some flip flops for dancing! I tried to upload some more from my phone but it didn't work so will try again later.
  • Pretttyyy! Pink Shoes Luv!!!!!  Congrats again :-)
  • Glad everything was so great. You were GORGEOUS.
  • Just beautiful!!  I love love love the flowers
  • Thanks for posting the reviews @nicolajane81‌ , you look gorgeous! I'm getting married at the Wynn too so glad to hear it was so good!! Love the idea of Prosecco for everyone straight after the ceremony, hope you don't mind me asking but how much extra did that cost?
  • Thanks everyone!

    @sasalew - it was $250 set up fee and then around $35 a bottle. I think it was worth it, it was a nice touch especially as the courtyard was done so beautifully, our guests got to spend more time there while the photos were going on.

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