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October 8 Reviews Part 2: NTS Limo, Chandelier Bar, MGM Grand

A few more reviews from other vendors we used for our pre/post wedding celebrations.

NTS Limo – A+

I booked a party bus for a surprise for our girls night out on the Sunday. I only wanted it for an hour for a mini-strip tour as some of our guests hadn’t been to Vegas before. They were verty responsive and happy for me to book an hour minimum for $125 + service as some other companies had a 2 hour minimum for the larger vehicles. We went to the sign for pics and the driver was happy to take them,  but we used the guy who is at the sign as it was dark and his camera was much better quality than our phones. We then did quite well on the strip tour – I had said however far you can get in the time we have left, but a drop off at Cabo Wabo Cantina at Planet Hollywood. He went up as far as Treasure Island, which was great as we got to see most of the strip.

The only issue I had was paying – they said I could pay on card, but then when I went to do that with the driver he said it was a Jewish holiday so no one was in the office to process it, so I had to do it in cash. Luckily, I had taken cash just in case, so it was fine. But cut into my drinking money a bit J

FYI – after the dinner at Cabo Wabo, we ended up in Cleopatra’s Barge, which was loads of fun!

Chandelier Bar – meet and greet drinks: A++

We went back and forth on what to do for the meet and greet – as we originally wanted to include some kind of food, but most places we contacted would have been pushing the same price as our reception for minimum spends. Once we agreed that it didn’t matter if the kids could make it, we were pretty set on Chandelier Bar as we had been there last year and loved it.

We contacted them about reserving a space, but were quoted $45 per person plus service and tax. This worked out to be quite a lot more than we anticipated, so we decided to just head there, grab a few tables and open a tab. I think as it was on a Tuesday night, it worked really well. I arrived with my sister just before 8pm and there were plenty of tables there. They were also happy with us opening the tab and our waitress was great. She knew who was in our party and was very quick with the orders. We had set ourselves a limit on how much we would spend, and everytime Ia sked for a tab update she was quick to update me. So she got a nice tip. I think everyone pretty much got about 3 drinks each from the tab, which was perfect.

Everyone liked the bar and said it was beautiful (it so is, I love it so much!)

I’m not sure how the getting tables for a big group would work on a weekend – we were about 35 people on a Tuesday and it was ideal, but the bar is a lot busier on a weekend (and Mondays when Marquee has a big night) so it might be harder then, but definitely worth a try as it has 3 floors.

MGM Grand: A++
Aside from when we stayed at the Wynn, we based ourselves at the MGM Grand.
We had been in Vegas last year (before we were engaged) and this is where we stayed so we knew it and liked it. A high percentage of our guests stayed here as well, and they all liked it.
We made good use of the Lobby Bar as a meeting place, and the dining options were great for the kids in our party (6 year old and 3 year old). I ate there at Hecho en Vegas on our last night, which wasn’t open when we were there last year and the food was great.

MGM Grand – brunch buffet: A++
For the day after the wedding, we arranged a brunch buffet at 11am, as we thought unlimited food would be good to help the hangovers! We originally wanted to do Bellagio, but they charged a lot more for a large group and the latest we could eat was 10am, which meant people would have to leave their hotel rooms about 9.30am. Too early! So as most people were staying at MGM, we went there!
The group sales team were really helpful, and we had a section of the restaurant reserved for us – not one big table, but lots of small ones.  

We were actually late, as there was a massive cab queue at Wynn, so everyone cheered when we walked in. So embarrassing!! The food was ideal, and I think most people ate as much as they could. I had traditional breakfast stuff and then some steamed Chinese dumplings, rice and frozen youghurt! They then started bringing out pizza and loads of different foods, but I was done by then!

A few people that we had paid for didn’t make it (hangovers, early flights) so they credited us back for those, which I wasn’t expecting.

It was nice to all get together the day after, as some people were leaving after the brunch so I was able to say goodbye to them as well, plus we could talk about all the fun from the day before.


Re: October 8 Reviews Part 2: NTS Limo, Chandelier Bar, MGM Grand

  • Thanks for the review on Chandelier bar. I really want to do there or Holsteins but don't want to do a minimum as people will be coming and going and I would have no idea how many people. I think I may just go (Friday from 3-5pm) and do what you did :) 
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  • Yeah that's exactly why we didn't want to do the minimum, as we had people coming and going. Most people were there all night, but some didn't arrive until later.

    Plus, some people were only drinking beer, and some only had a couple of drinks so I didn't want to spend my night stressing about meeting a high minimum spend!

  • I luvvved the MGM breakfast buffet! My Hubby & I ate there one day because of comps, besides of the bellagio - Yumm-O!! Great choice :-)  Chandelier Bar - LUVVVV!
  • Congratulations! Thank you for the reviews - it's nice to know the option of NTS Limos allowing a 1 hour instead of 2. We're still torn on whether we're doing a party bus tour...
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  • Did you tell Chandelier ahead of time 35 people were coming or did you just show up?
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  • @jayjaay - how do you get comps for food  ?
  • @hmgiffor we just showed up! We told the waitress more people would be joining us so we could set up a tab and they were fine with it.
  • @nyvegaslove See my review page ;-)
  • Thanks for the review of Chandelier! I think we're just going to show up after our reception and see what happens. :)
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