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Rehersal Dinner Locations?

Hi!!! My FIL's have been asking where we want to have our rehearsal dinner and I can't find any that I really like. We are getting married at Giorgio's in Baiting Hollow, but trying to stay in central Suffolk area. Any Recommendations??

Re: Rehersal Dinner Locations?

  • Tellers, Insignia, Manninos
  • @Niccoinas Thank you! However we have  a lot of people that will be there so those places are a little too expensive.

  • How about the Garden Grill in Smithtown? We actually just did an event for work there and it was really nice. The food is delicious and they have a pretty big space in the back. The Irish Coffee Pub in Islip is really nice too. We're having ours at One Main in Babylon. There are a lot of places in the area, not sure if that would be too far east for you? We had also checked out Babylon Carriage House & Horace & Sylvias (our fave restaurant in babylon!) but ultimately went with One Main because it is small enough that they could close the whole place for us.
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    Butterfields in Smithtown, Sal's in Commack
  • @sames52915 Thank you, I am calling the garden grill tomorrow! Babylon is a little further west then we would like to go. But the Irish coffee pub is nice too, I forgot about that place.

    @AmandaDoo its amazing how you forget about all the places you've been to for other peoples parties when your planning your own.  My friend had her baby shower at Butterfields. Thank you I am calling there tomorrow too!

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