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Make-Up Artist For Women Of Color

Hello ladies,

I was wondering can any of you ladies suggest a make-up artist for me In the tri-state area that specializes with african-americans?
I know I should post this in New Jersey, however, I want an artist that speciliazes with my skin tone.

I have visited Mac counters etc, but still haven't found someone that I like....
I appreciate any help you can provide to me !

Re: Make-Up Artist For Women Of Color

  • Hi Bridey! 

    I live in Northern Jersey.  The woman who makes my makeup is named Barbara Bilkerdijk.  <--- copy and paste spelling, you'll never get it right otherwise lol.     She custom blends all her work and will do a makeover for free with the purchase of products.    It's surprisingly affordable considering she's actually taking a hand blender and mixing make up that's exactly your skin tone color.  The name of her company is B. Cosmetics.    She doesn't come into the shop (on West 31st St.) unless she's got appointments, otherwise her assistant will be there.

    When I can't reach Barb, I go to this beauty bar outfit called Honey Cosmetics.   They're all over the city, our closest one is in the Dyckman Heights section of Washington Heights.  Now these heffas here beat faces of all types, but, they (the mua) are thesmelves brown girls (so is Barbara in case I didn't say that) so they know what they're doing on brown skin.   Do NOT mess with them unless you plan to be first in line when they open because they don't take appointments.  I go to the one on Livingston in Brooklyn (if you wind up here, the person you want to have work on you is Tasha, but they're all good).

    let us know how you did!

  • @sultryzulu, thank you so much for your info!! I will most def let you know how I make out !

  • Where in NJ are you located?

    I found my makeup artist by going to the Bobbi Brown counter (I like their style of makeup) and was able to find an African American MUA who came to me the morning of our wedding.

    I did find someone off of Instragram who I really liked.  I did a quick look but couldn't find her information right away.  She had a similar style to this MUA (who's also in the NY/NJ area).

    Good luck!
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  • @NIIDap2014 Thank you so much for the suggestion, finding make-up artist seem like trying to find the perfect black dress, lololol.....

  • I wish I were in your area and could make recommendations. Good luck. This was also important to me too when I began my search for a make-up artist. 
  • I just wanted to let you ladies know I found my makeup website..I went to my trial and she does excellent work....prices are figured I share if anyone else is still searching!! 

    I also wanted to thank you all again for helping me out !
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