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Chair Decor

Just wondering if anyone has seen or tired this?

I have seen many pins and ideas for wooden or wooden like chairs but never anything relating to metal chairs. 
We are using our Venues Beige metal fold up chairs, b/c they are are included in our cost.
Our ceremony is outdoors, colors are earthy pastel type colors, light green, pink, beige, etc.
I dont want to fork out the cost for chair covers and I'm actually 100% okay with no decor on the chairs at all, but it does look neat if anything the last row would be cool. or just the aisle rows.

Re: Chair Decor

  • I've seen this picture before. We're using metal folding chairs that are included too.  It might add some color in the back row (I think it'd be too much on every chair), but you'd only really see it in a handful of pictures, and no one would see it during the ceremony! 

    I'd probably save your time/money :)  No one will remember the chairs or what they looked like!
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    I agree with Alison.  Save your time and money.  No one remembers the chairs and they certainly aren't going to be the focal point in pictures.

  • If it is something that makes you happy, it is very pretty.  Other than that, I can't tell you about a single chair I've ever used.  Too busy looking at the happy couple and enjoying the company of those at my table.
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