Is this AW-ing? (related to donation favor)

Before lurking on TK, I was all about a donation favor until I learned that it comes off as AW-ing (especially using "in your honor" somewhere on the favor). This, among other things, is one of the great things I learned on TK that makes me very happy that I came here to lurk and ask questions.

Anyway, for favors I'm going with an edible, but my FI and I still want to make a donation to the org that we had in mind (ASPCA) mostly in honor of not our guests, but our rescue pup who we love so much. I wouldn't shove anything in our guests' faces regarding our donation (putting a print-out on their place settings, etc.), but I was thinking about maybe framing a picture of our dog along with other photos we'll have around the venue (of us, close ones we've lost, etc.), along with maybe a little blurb letting our guests know about our dog's story with a little tiny piece mentioning we donated to the org in her honor.

Or is that just tacky?
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Re: Is this AW-ing? (related to donation favor)

  • I wouldn't do that.  I think it is great that you want to donate to the ASPCA but do you really need to let others know, especially at your wedding, that you made such a donation?  You donate because you want to, not to show off to your friends, KWIM?

  • Thanks both.. as I was asking the question I was thinking to myself that this isn't something FI and I would ever do...  we'll likely just quietly make the donation and have it not be wedding-related at all.
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  • Yeah, there is no reason to tell your wedding guests you are donating.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • I agree with other, just make the donation & if you want to share the news, post it on facebook.
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    Just make the donation-that's great.

    But, your wedding is not an awareness-raiser or fundraiser for any cause.  Your need to tell others about it, especially your wedding guests, turns them into a captive audience.  That's what makes it appear AWish-there is no graceful way for them to avoid hearing about it. 

    It can also make them feel pressured into donating or backing a cause that they don't support.

  • Dumb question - what is "AW?"


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    Attention whore
  • I didn't know that either
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