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How To Make A Good Wedding Playlist

Hey everybody! Wanting to get a little input as my FI and I are going through the process of selecting songs to be played at our reception.  We already have all the basics down- first dance, father/daughter + mom/son dances, last dance of the night etc... I just want some advice about how to make all the in-between parts flow!  What is a good ratio of fast dance to slow dance songs?  "Oldies" to "modern"?  How heavily should we lean on the wedding "classics" (YMCA, Celebration etc).  Any general advice on how to put together a good song list would be so appreciated!

Other possibly relevant details- we have a DJ, the dancing portion of our reception will take place from approximately 8:00-10:30, and we have about 70 guests with the age breakdown being about 15 guests under 30, 10 guests 30-40, 15 guests over 70, and everyone else basically in the 45-65 range.  

Re: How To Make A Good Wedding Playlist

  • This is what you hired the DJ for. If you have any must-play or don't-play songs, let them know. Otherwise, they'll handle the rest.
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