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Hi there! I am currently researching transportation options for my wedding in June. I need a trolley for the wedding party, a separate car/limo for my fiance and me, and 2-3 motor coaches (that can hold between 100-150 passengers total). I'm not finding anyone company that can accommodate all three services, but I would love to get suggestions for any or all of these transportation needs.

Has anyone ever used or heard anything about ? They have sent me a reasonable quote and have 2 out of the 3 types of vehicles I need, but they aren't on Yelp or anywhere on the Knot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Transportation suggestions

  • I'm using A Limo 4 U for my trolley and they have limos as well. They don't have any large motor coaches though. The owner, Sean, is really nice and very helpful and volunteered information for other limo companies we might want to check out when I met him to see his vehicles.  I'm not sure you'll find a single company for all those of these needs but he may have some ideas, he's a very reasonable and helpful guy in person/over the phone. His emails are very abrupt and short however, so just something to note.
  • Thanks so much!
  • I used black tie limo, and we had originally planned for 2 limos and a 33-person bus (they also had a larger bus, but I don't know how many of each they have), but they switched us to a trolley at the last minute instead of the bus (with my permission...they had a last-minute cancellation so gave us the free upgrade). 

    So, I know for sure they have limos, a trolley, and busses!
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