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Hey Knotties!

Please see the list of our current mods and their responsibilities below!


Budget Weddings: @Wandajune6
Ceremony & Vows: @Artbyallie
Chit Chat: @KnotRiley + @KnotHolly
Customs and Traditions: @Emmaaa
DIY Weddings: @Wandajune6
Etiquette: @Liatris2010
Favors: @hellohkb
Honeymoon: @Lyndausvi
Just Engaged: @GoldenPenguin
Moms & Maids: @Kmmssg
Not Engaged Yet: @CocoBellaF
Photo & Video: @Photokitty
Food & Cakes: @shessocold
Invites & Paper: @MairePoppy
Reception Ideas: @Lyndausvi
Second Wedding: @Jells2dot0
Wedding Party: @Scribe95
Outdoor Wedding: @southernbelle0915
Wedding Woes: @Peaseblossom55
Las Vegas: @vegasgroom
Getting in Shape: @ohmrs2014

  1. Deleting Comments -Moderators have the right to delete comments that violate our community rules -They may only delete comments on their own board, unless asked to help elsewhere by KR -Posts that should be deleted: --Spam-We all know what this is --Harassment-Attacking another member. If the answer is YES to any of these questions: --Does this attack another user? --Is this post malicious in any way? --Was this post created with the main purpose of stirring up other users?  -Online Vandalism-Posts to up a member’s post count -Personal Information-This includes name, IP address, telephone number, address, email address, work information, etc. --Impersonating other members/Knot employees -Posts that will not be deleted --Members who are disagreeing with each other
  2. Flagging -Members have the ability to anonymously report posts -Mods and admin will review and take appropriate actions -This is NOT a dislike button -What should members flag? --Spam --Harassment-if you feel a user is harassing a member to an extreme level --Online Vandalism --Personal Information --Impersonation of Other Members/Knot Employees --Obvious violations of the Community Rules (click)
  3. Closing and Deleting Threads -Threads will not be deleted -Only exceptions: --Spam -Threads will not be closed without going through the process laid out below --The only exception to this are zombie threads more than a year old -As an FYI: Threads that are moved are not closed (redirect links are left in order to prevent too much confusion)
  4. How Threads Can Be Closed -ANY mod may issue a warning to a thread if it is starting to get obviously out of hand. Mod will briefly explain some of the violations taking place--but will not call out specific members on the thread (they will be PMed). -Mod will flag comments violating TOS (if it hasn't already been done) and contact the mod of that board (if necessary) and KR -KR and mod will review thread and delete reported comments that violate TOS--at that point, if there are 5 or more violations after warning was given to the thread the thread will be closed -Please, respect the mod that issues the warning on the thread (whether they are the mod for that board or not). This is not a threat, it is a courtesy so the thread will not escalate further which can result in the thread being closed, issuing warnings to members and, in certain extreme cases, members being banned.

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