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Some things for you to remember:

1) Lurk first! Take the time to just observe, read posts and get a feel for how things work here before you start posting. 

2) We talk about a lot of things, not just wedding related information. Many people actually become friends. That's a good thing, embrace it! 

3) Vendors are not welcome. Don't come on here advertising your business.

4) Don't ask a question unless you actually want an answer. You will hear all sides, people who agree with you and people who disagree with you. Be prepared for that. We are a friendly bunch, don't be shy. 

5) Google is your friend. Use It. Love it. Also, search through prior posts, there is a good chance someone has just answered a question similar to yours. 

6) Don't post ANY personal information. This is a public message board and ANYONE can read this. Personal info includes phone numbers, full name (esp last name), work info.. etc. If your screen name has your full name or email in it, change it. It's for your protection.

Here is the  link for the community rules....
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