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Welcome to the wedding classified page where brides and grooms can post their wedding items for sale! 

Any vendors found posting on this board will be banned.

Tips on posting on the board to make looking at the items for sale more easily.

1. PIP- this is picture in post. Please include pictures in the post to make it easier for people to see your stuff! In case you don't know how to PIP, just use the little tree icon on the tool bar and insert the picture, easy!  Doing this will probably get more people to contact you.

2. Use F/S (For Sale) or WTB (Want To Buy) in the title of the post

3. Feel free to put where you are located in the heading as well if you'd like.

4. Include your email so that people can reach you there, instead of replying to the post. Lots of brides don't come to check the post.

5. DO NOT put any personal information, such as last names or phone numbers.

6. I recommend using paypal only for the exchange of money. Much safer this way
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