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Welcome to The Knot Community! In the community you can share great advice, your funny stories and vent about life. However there are a few rules we ask that you follow, which can be found in our Terms of Use. We’ve explained these rules a bit more thoroughly below, so please read before joining in the discussion. 

Keep it clean.
We know you are all adults, and no, we’re not going to ban you for using profanity in conversation. Yes, we are going to ban you if you’re malicious towards another user. Personal attacks of any kind are unacceptable, so please be mindful of the way you address others. Please be considerate to others and refrain from responding to a post if your answer could be rude, hateful, or harassing towards another member. 

Be careful out there.
We know you are excited to share all of your news, whether it’s on our boards, by posting your blog or via other personal websites. It’s still a public forum, however, so make sure you trust those you are giving personal info to.

No soliciting.
There are some incredibly talented knotties in our community with great ideas, but our boards are here for members to share ideas and hold discussions without feeling like they are being bombarded by promotions and solicitations. This applies to all sorts of businesses - photographers, graphic designers, Etsy shops, etc... 

-No posts about your business
-If a member asks for a business recommendation, you cannot respond with yours
-In your signature, you cannot mention your business whatsoever, or link to it. 

If you are unsure about what's allowed (this can be confusing), just follow one general rule:other members should not be able to guess that you are a vendor of any sort. 

No collecting, storing or posting personal other members’ personal information.
Regardless of what was shared by another member, you may not repost their names, photos or any other identifying information. Invading the privacy of another member will result in an immediate termination of your account.
All is fair in love and message boards. 
While we have admins and mods, we understand that not every post that violates our rules will be caught. This is why we rely on you guys to report posts you think are out of line. If your posts are reported by a large number of distinct users or a high percentage of your posts are reported your account will be deactivated. This means you might be banned for something because your cumulative posting record has shown that you consistently contribute to a negative environment in the community.

All posts are subject to review by The Knot administrators.
We reserve the right to remove or edit any posts at our sole discretion. Any posts that are contributing to a negative and threatening atmosphere on the boards will be removed and may result in a suspension or termination of your posting rights.

Breaking any of these rules may result in deleted posts or the suspension of your posting rights. If you would like to report an issue please me @KnotRiley


--If someone posts a picture, you can click on the picture and a new window will open where the picture is larger and easier to see.

--If your signatures is old - log out/log in and it should refresh.  If that doesn't work, click Account Options on the ride side of your screen. Click Prefences and choose Signature Settings to make any changes.

--To sort by most recent thread, choose the Sort By Most Recent Activity on the right side of your screen.

--If you get an Error page, simply refresh your page or press the back button on your browser

--If you want to read a post that has multiple pages and you want to skip to the last page, click on the post count or how many minutes/hours ago a post was written and it will take you to the last page  
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