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Hello All,

I am finding myself in a hard spot with my family (Buddhist religion) and my FHF's family (Protestant) when trying to figure out a common ground on how to organize our wedding day.  Me and my FHF had agreed to do an Asian ceremony and then an American reception, because I did not want to have two wedding days (Also because it is just out of our budget). But to do the Asian wedding ceremony my mother had wanted it to be small and intimate and at our home.  My FHF wants to have it a Buddhist temple because we are looking at about 150 guests, though not half will go but we will have the space there if people do show. My delimma is which way to go? Would it be better if I just had an American ceremony and an asian reception? Or do I just do a small Asian wedding so I could just do a full blown American wedding? I don't want to go against my mother and at the same time I don't want to disappoint the person I am looking forward to spending my whole life with. I feel stuck and the wedding is just months away....  

Re: Intercultural wedding advice

  • Hi Mabride508!

    My dream has always been to marry in a buddhist temple. So I will marry in a buddhist temple then have a vow ceremony and end with a reception. I would suggest for you to have a protestant ceremony in a church followed by a tea (Buddhist) ceremony in your reception venue. Good Luck!

    Will you be wearing multiple dresses as most Asian brides?
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