February 2015 Weddings

3 month mark!

Hello february brides!

We have finally hit the "3 month mark," we are almost there!! Crazy how fast time has flown.

Where is everyone at with their planning?

Re: 3 month mark!

  • I can't believe it!! I think I am doing pretty good. Just trying to get the invitations printed and addresses all set. Then ready for the drama of people demanding plus ones lol But I still feel like there is stuff I am not thinking about that I am forgetting to do.

  • freaking out ... just hired my wedding coordinator today because I finally realize I can't do this on my own. I also just ordered my invitations. Need to hire all my other vendors. I've got my venue, my dress and my bridesmaids...need to figure out decorations too. 
  • I am down to DYI projects not many and addressing innovations.
  • We pretty much are right on track, we have all of our vendors set! We just did the details for our venue and ceremony (picked our linen & napkin colors) and selected the dinner for the reception.  We have our invitations, just need to begin addressing them; everything is approaching us so quickly! :)
  • Three months to go still? I feel like it's taking forever! I still have to get invites addressed, a few DIY and picking songs for the reception and ceremony. Finding songs is giving me a huge headache!
  • I really felt like I was right on track and then I made a list today...Woah. I feel overwhelmed now!
  • Time is flying! I still have to buy jewelry attire, create a song playlist, make favors, do the seating chart and waiting on RSVPs! We're practically almost done with planning!
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