Eugene Venue Questions

Is there an 'in season' and an 'out of season' in Eugene for weddings?

If there is, I'm thinking about going with an indoor off season location for ceremony and reception to save of costs - any suggestions?  I'm about to find many great locations for outdoor venue's, but I'm a bit stumped on indoor ones.

Re: Eugene Venue Questions

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    When are you wanting to get married?  I just got married at Deep Woods Events in Elmira, Oregon.  It is an outdoor venue, but they are constructing a hall in order to accomodate indoor weddings year round.  Karol Neimeyer is the owner and is AMAZING to work with.  I can't say enough good things about the place, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!  The hall that they are building is HUGE!  It will have a great room with a nice big fireplace, handicapped accessable bathrooms, a grooms room and a bridal room.  The hall will be open for events this fall I believe, but they fill up fast (at least their summer outdoor ones did!)  I'd call and go out for a tour, see if it's what you are looking for!  Good luck!!
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    Off season is pretty much always October-ish thru March or so (every place is a bit different)
    How many people do you plan on having at your wedding? 

    There are a few hotels - the Hilton downtown and the Valley RIver Inn right by the river. Also a few bed and breakfasts in Eugene too that would work. Wineries would work - there are quite a few around there.

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    Hey ladies,

    I'm looking to have 50-75 guests and if it's summer I'm looking at August, if it's off season them I'm looking at early March, both options would be 2013.
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    I depends on the vendor. August will always be high season in our area. March will be discounted as low season for some vendors (it's on the border of the season change) you'll have to check with the specific venues you have in mind. just shoot out an RPF or email from their websites. Most venues only take 1 business day to reply.
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    Thanks! =)
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