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TGIT Recap on friday

Re: TGIT Recap on friday

  • Girl Greys Anatomy was good but uhhhhh you know me and Scandal dont get along and i fell asleep on HTGAWM... Dont blame me Blame Taliah.. lol

    Lilypie - H1jI

    Daisypath - MFL5

  • guut mern'ting!   are we scandalling?  girl lemme see if I can memory jog 4 whole days.   nothing really earth shattering for me this episode.  Um, was anybody else creeped out by Tom studying Liv when she went for the jailhouse visit?   Abby tina turnering dude in the garage?  chile YASSSSSSS    I'm here all day for Mellie getting Fitz together with that speech.  I've been holding you down for 20 years and fall off for 2 months BECAUSE MY SON WAS MURDERED and you in here trippin?   Huck's little boy blowing his cover?  The. Best.  Uh, I just want to know how a baby got from where he was to across town though, ain't he like 10?    Cyrus is looking like the old man in the club and I don't like it.  His dicknosis is clouding his damn judgment and I need for him to get realistic and snatch his life back.    Shonda?  I would like more smartmouth Mellie and less phone sex with the President.   MUCH LESS.    Here's my thing, if she's important enough that you were in her apartment making animal sounds and trying to kill yourself and shit, then man up and get a divorce.  Until then though, ya'll are getting less cute to me.

    s'all I got.

    Yahtzee!  Lol.
  • yes.. for scandal .. i had to clutch the pearls on the phone sex part.. i think this was one of the better episodes of the season.. i feel like this season has been a bit dry.. I agree 100 he needs to go on and get a divorce.. please lets wrap this up... i knew this was the end of tom.. i called it like 3 weeks ago.. smellymellie did get Fitz together... and im not sure I like the 3-some triangle that livi and presidental-b613 train has going on .. like they are power rangers or something

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • like they are power rangers or something

    I hatechu Jodi!!   ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!
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