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Making a DIY Planner...Where to get the best printables and checklists?

Any ideas ladies? I'm starting from scratch and though I've checked pinterest there are thousands of entries on there. Does anyone have one they like and would recommend?

Thanks in advance!

Kim from Dallas

Re: Making a DIY Planner...Where to get the best printables and checklists?

  • I think I combined a couple different lists and then put them into excel for budgeting, added a tab to track costs. The Knot has a decent book of lists ($12), so far I'm loving it. 
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    I made my own planner, but I didn't download or print anything - my checklist consisted of four pages of the most thorough detailing I could think of.  I broke the wedding down into sections and then kept breaking it down from there - I could PM it to you if you like.
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    I tore one out of a bridal magazine.
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    I liked spreadsheets on A Practical Wedding the best. I use the checklist on The Knot, but only after deleting like 2/3 of the to-do's.
  • I made my own planner without any pre-made lists. I found that many of the ones you buy included things that weren't specific to my day. I just printed out some calendars for scheduling, bought some dividers, and went to town! I did find one "monthly wedding schedule" that i really liked while flipping through on of my wedding magazines so I tore it out and put it in the binder. I was able to do the whole thing for $10 and it is super personalized. I'll gladly send you a message with some pictures :) 
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