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Anyone using Jenny Yoo Annabelle or Adain dresses? Any thoughts?

Looking on the internet I love the look of the Annabelle dress. But is the tulle really nice in person.

Anyone using these dresses and have opinions. Id love to here them!

Re: Anyone using Jenny Yoo Annabelle or Adain dresses? Any thoughts?

  • Love those dresses online, and my bridesmaids and I went to try them on at Nordstrom. I'm glad we did, so I got them out of my system. I didn't love the tulle, and they are super long, so mega alterations! And they are pricey...about $120-150 more than what my BM paid for their dresses. That was one of the biggest concerns. I felt really bad about making them pay that much for a dress and then pay for alterations.

  • My girls are wearing the Aidan dress, I didn't like the tulle version as much, in part because we are having a winter wedding and it seemed too light of a fabric. The dresses are fairly long, and will most likely Ned to be shortened for all of your bridesmaids. They are expensive bit we did get them on sale 20% off I think? Many of the colors are in stock with free shipping and free returns, worth it to try if you don't have. A Nordstrom bridal salon near by.
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    I'm letting my girls pick their own dresses, but I have tried on the Annabelle dress before and was disappointed. There are two thin little layers of tulle over lining. It was a little difficult to figure out all the different ways you can wear it, and in the end I returned it. And they do run long, so you would need to factor in the cost of alterations.
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  • I tried on the Anabelle dress in a white color (or ivory maybe, whatever color BHLDN has) as a potential wedding dress. It was a no go as a wedding dress for me. As others have noted, the tulle is not layered enough and you can see the fabric underneath. This might not be such a problem if you wanted it in another color and not as a wedding dress. 
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