Lighting for Reception. Branches with lights and Lanterns.

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I will be getting married at Holland Marsh Wineries in September and I really want to have a bunch of lights such as Chinese Ball Lanterns over the head table and also some trees with mini tea lights entwined. I would also like maybe gold branches with lights too if this makes any sense. Anyways my problem is... WHO do I contact for this? Do I go to a florist? Or do I hire a day of coordinator? I am not sure if I should be hiring a coordinator or decorator or what I am supposed to be doing right now. HELP!

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Re: Lighting for Reception. Branches with lights and Lanterns.

  • I think you should contact the venue first. It would be prudent to find out thier policies regarding extra lighting. If it is allowed, they probably have a list of vendors who can provide this service, of it may be something the venue itself can do but for an additional charge. At least you have plenty of time to look into this before your wedding day, but yeah, I start with asking the venue.
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    Definitely talk to your venue first, since there may be decorating restrictions. When we toured our venue the sales manager mentioned a few things, and I've been in touch with her a couple of times to clarify as well since I don't want to have a decorating plan fall apart the day before the wedding.

    I know that our venue won't allow paper lanterns, and all candle flames have to be enclosed (the holder/container has to be taller than the flame), and we can only hang draping from nails and hooks that are already in place. I'm not sure how old the building at Holland Marsh Wineries is, but if it's even vaguely historic there may be a lot of decorating rules so I would say contact them before you start making any plans.

    Once you know what you can and can't do for decorations, and if you're allowed to do everything you want, then you should have a few options to put it together. You should be able to get small trees and branches from a florist (although these can be expensive) and you may be able to rent other décor items from them as well, like candles and holders so you aren't buying (and then owning) 100 little tea light holders. Otherwise, there are lots of rental companies that may provide décor, or sites where you can buy things like lanterns and other hanging decorations (Minted, Etsy, the Knot shop has décor items, Creative Bag has some stuff, but selection is a bit limited on the website). Places like Michals and Walmart and Target might even sell what you're looking for.

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  • The venue does not have any restrictions. I asked them a preferred lighting person and they do not have one... kind of annoying and not helpful at all. I tried looking at only people who do lighting to have string lights and I can't find one, is my only option to hire a decorator? 
  • Well at least the venue is open to the lights. Yay! I would imagine you would have to go through a decor company or decorator. A quick google search popped up a few options, and some of the wedding decor companies do mention lighting in their services. Just make sure to check reviews and look at some portfolios before booking. Good luck!
  • Looks like something you can do yourself Pintrest has so mant DIY ideas for that and "Google Image" also show's many idea's and photo's of branches with hanging tealights.
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