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Fitting! Tiny rant! PIP

I went today to my first fitting! I am indulging a bit of an AW whim to post this because I'm just so excited! Mom, FMIL, and FI's grandma all came to the appointment (it was just Mom and me for the original trying on of the dresses).

Here's the good news: the dress that we ordered to fit me in June was TOO BIG! I've been literally working my butt off since July and my only goal was to need the dress taken in a centimeter. I passed that for sure!

Here's the bad news: the seamstress got food poisoning and couldn't come to the appointment so I have to go back on Friday. The shop is 3+ hours from me and now I have to miss a day of work because the seamstress doesn't work on Saturdays.

"But MK," you say, "today is Saturday and you just said you went there today." Yes, I did! The whole reason I was there today is because the dress was late by over a week, and they made a special exception because I wasn't sure if I could get a day off beyond the one that was built in to the school schedule (high school teacher here!). So it will now be two weeks after the original fitting date that I get a fitting. I'm trying not to stress, but the wedding is December 20, and I have no idea how long these alterations take. Blah. Oh well! My dress is so pretty and if I can figure out how to attach a picture, you'll get to see it too!


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