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about 6 months engaged,put deposit on venue..now what??

hello my name is chris and my fiances name is allie..we got engaged april of 2014..looked at about 7 or 8 venues...the last one wound of being the winner..put a deposit and picked a date...oct of 2016..we set the budget and are saving and doing good...i was just curious on the timeframe on everything else,such as dj,photographer,florest,annoucements to paper and such..i know we still have time but just curiuos what eveyone does

Re: about 6 months engaged,put deposit on venue..now what??

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    I'm getting married May 2015, we were engaged April 2014. I live in a fairly "competitive" and expensive area, where things generally seem to book up a year to a year and a half out. There are of course many places that do not book up, but if you want your pick, I've been told that it is better to start early. 

     With our one year engagement, we moved fairly quickly, but I had a very good sense of what I wanted which made it easy to hit the ground running. I can't remember everything exactly but:

    We booked the venue (included caterer/ cake) 13/12 months out
    We booked the photographer 12/11 months out
    We asked our wedding party to be bridesmaids/ groomsmen 11 months out
    I bought my dress 11 months out
    We booked the officiant 10 months out
    We booked the dj 8 months out
    We booked the florist 7 months out
    We sent the save the dates 7 months out (you should send them 6-8 months before your wedding. Everyone who is sent a Save the Date MUST be invited to your wedding.)

    we're a little more than 6 months out now
    We're in the process of figuring out a videographer. I would like to book this soon.
    I still need to figure out my hair/ makeup person.
    We will send invitations when there are 6-8 weeks left before the wedding. That is the proper time frame for invitations.

    Hope this helped. Let me know if there was something I missed that you were curious about. But, it's really a range: some people plan their wedding in 2 years, some in 2 months. I believe a year is the average engagement period.

    Since you have 2 years, you can definitely chill for a bit and not book anything else (for, say, 6 months to a year.) Booking things really far out makes it more likely you'll second guess decisions (ex: wedding dress, wedding party--friendships change.)

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