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I'm trying to figure out the details of the wedding day timeline and need ideas for first look locations.  I will likely be getting ready in Glastonbury at my mom and dad's house with my girls, and my fiance will likely be getting ready in Middletown.  Our ceremony and reception will be at the woodwinds in Branford, but not until late (7 pm).  We're planning to do both the first look photos and the majority of our bridal party photos before as well.  I need a good location for the photos, preferably close to either Glastonbury or Middletown.  I'd ask my photographer, but they're primarily based out of Rhode Island so they probably won't have as many ideas as this board could generate.

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  • Where is your FI getting ready?  If it's near the Inn at Middletown (or in the Inn at Middletown) there are so many gorgeous places for a first look there.  I may be partial- we're having our wedding there and are having our first look on the staircase in the lobby. If it's nice weather Main Street itself has a ton of cute places for a first look.  
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  • Have you considered doing it at Woodwinds? I'm getting married there as well and will probably do all of the photos there just to keep things simple. The grounds are very pretty, depending on the time of year. 

    If that's not an option due to timing or another wedding before yours, you could do photos elsewhere in Branford before heading to the venue. Branford Point, Foote Park, downtown, the library, and Stony Creek would all be pretty. I'm not familiar with Glastonbury or Middletown so I don't have any suggestions for that. 
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